“Martin” quotes

Movie Martin
George A. Romero directed this movie in 1978
Title Martin
Year 1978
Director George A. Romero
Genre Drama, Horror
Interpreted by
All actors – John Amplas, Lincoln Maazel, Christine Forrest, Elyane Nadeau, Tom Savini, Sara Venable, Francine Middleton, Roger Caine, George A. Romero, James Roy, J. Clifford Forrest Jr., Robert Ogden
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  • “- Christina: If you need anything, just call me. I'll come, I'll send you the money.
    - Martin: No, you'll forget about me.
    - Christina: No, I won't. Why do you think I'll forget?
    - Martin: Because you're going away. People always go away so they can forget where they were.”

    Christine Forrest - Christina
    John Amplas - Martin
  • “Everything has been pretty easy since I've learned how to be careful. People are the hardest thing.”
    John Amplas - Martin
    [Tag:caution, people]
  • “- Martin: That's another thing about those movies. Vampires always have ladies. Sometimes lots of ladies. Well, that's wrong too! You don't need all that.
    - Barry - Radio Talk ShowHost: Ah,ha,ha,ha, you don't need that?
    - Martin: No, you really don't. I mean, if the magic part was real and you could make them do whatever you wanted to...
    -...” (continue)
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    John Amplas - Martin
    Michael Gornick - Barry - Radio Talk Show Host
    [Tag:magic, vampire, women]
  • “Live for yourself! Whatever it takes to get through the night.”
    Michael Gornick - Barry - Radio Talk Show Host
  • “- Martin: When I see people together, they don't talk. Not really. They don't say what they mean.
    - Barry - Radio Talk ShowHost: Right.
    - Martin: Then they, they have the other... the sexy stuff. Whenever they want. I've been much too shy to ever do the sexy stuff. I mean, do it with someone who's awake. Someday maybe I'll get to do it - awake...” (continue)
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    John Amplas - Martin
    Michael Gornick - Barry - Radio Talk Show Host
    [Tag:sex, talking, vampire]
  • “You want me here for sex, don't you. I never really did it before, I was always too shy. But I've decided I'd really like to do it with you.”

    John Amplas - Martin
    [Tag:sex, shyness]
  • “Do you believe God's whole world runs by the laws of the few sciences we have been able to discover? Oh, no, Christine, there is more. But people are satisfied. They know so much, they think they know all. And that makes it easy for Nosferatu. That makes it easy for all the devils.”
    Lincoln Maazel - Cuda
    [Tag:devil, science, world]
  • “A young man in the house with Christina? Related or not, I don't think it's right.”
    Carol McCloskey - Mrs. Bellini
    [Tag:bigotry, worry]
  • “For a long time, I didn't care if they'd kill me. Most people spend their lives worrying about dying. For a long time, I wished I would die, or I wish somebody would kill me. It's been a long time for me, a long time full of crazy people.”
    John Amplas - Martin
    [Tag:death, madness, worry]
  • “I don't suppose it's sacrilege to say the wine at St. Vincent's is putrid.”
    George A. Romero - Father Howard
  • “Things only seem to be magic. There is no real magic. There's no real magic ever.”
    John Amplas - Martin
  • “I can't have kids. I can never have kids. I have something wrong inside. I don't know, what do you think? Is that good for me, bad for me? No opinion? That's why you're so nice to have around Martin. You don't have opinions.”
    Carol McCloskey - Mrs. Bellini
  • “Nosferatu. Vampire! First I will save your soul, then I will destroy you. I will show you your room.”
    Lincoln Maazel - Cuda
    [Tag:soul, vampire]
  • “- Christina: How old are you, Martin?
    - Martin: Oh, I'm old.
    - Christina: How old?
    - Martin: Eighty four.”

    Christine Forrest - Christina
    John Amplas - Martin
    [Tag:age, old age]