“Running With Scissors” quotes

Movie Running With Scissors
Ryan Murphy directed this movie in 2006
Title Running With Scissors
Original title Running with Scissors
Year 2006
Director Ryan Murphy
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Augusten Burroughs has lived a hilarious but touching childhood. He grew up in the '70s in a middle-class environment. His father was an alcoholic and his mother a bipolar. When Augusten's parents divorced, the child went to live with his mother's unorthodox psychiatrist, Dr. Finch.
All actors – Annette Bening, Brian Cox, Joseph Fiennes, Evan Rachel Wood, Alec Baldwin, Joseph Cross, Jill Clayburgh, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gabrielle Union, Patrick Wilson, Kristin Chenoweth, Dagmara Dominczyk, Colleen Camp, Jack Kaeding, Gabriel Guedj, Nancy Cassaro, Omid Abtahi, Julie Remala, Will Carter, Bonnie Weis, Dakotah Masset, Marianne Muellerleile, Augusten Burroughs, Leslie Grossman, Lindsay Huff, Janis Jones, Joshua Levine, Devanny Pinn, Gary Sievers, Scott Slifer, Cole Volmer, Pilar Walsh, Rachel Zeskind
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  • “- Dr. Finch: It would a staged suicide attempt. Of course, your poor mother would have to find you and drive you the hospital, where you would stay for three weeks or a month for observation.
    - Augusten Burroughs: I don't know. It doesn't...
    - Dr. Finch: Augusten. Where is your spirit of adventure?”

    Brian Cox - Dr. Finch
    Joseph Cross - Augusten Burroughs
  • “I want rules... and boundaries... because... what I've learned is that... without them... all life is... is a series of surprises.”
    Joseph Cross - Augusten Burroughs
    [Tag:learning, life, rules]
  • I think he's a genius. Like when I was your age, and I'd have a rage seizure, he'd put on music to lower my blood pressure. Nat King Cole. "Stardust". Revolutionary sort of stuff, you know? Worked everytime.
    Joseph Fiennes - Neil Bookman
    [Tag:helping, music, rage]
  • - Neil Bookman: "The Angry Nun" by Neil Bookman: "Bitch! Whore of Jesus! Dressed in black, you do not bleed, like a woman should bleed between the legs! But with your ruler, your crucifix of hatred, you strike my tender flesh! I bleed for you! Oh, mother".
    - Deirdre Burroughs: Good anger! It ended exactly at the right moment.

    Joseph Fiennes - Neil Bookman
    Annette Bening - Deirdre Burroughs
    [Tag:anger, nuns, violence]
  • “The shit is pointing out of the pot! Towards Heaven, to God. My turd is a direct communication from the Holy Father.
    No, no, no, no, children. No. Laugh. Laugh! God is... He is the funniest man in the universe.”

    Brian Cox - Dr. Finch
  • “- Dr. Finch: Well, the only loophole or way I could see me getting you out of school for any considerable length of time would be for you... to commit suicide.
    - Augusten Burroughs: You want me to kill myself?
    - Dr. Finch: Well, if you tried to kill yourself, I could explain to the schoolboard that you were psychologically unfit to attend, and...” (continue)
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    Brian Cox - Dr. Finch
    Joseph Cross - Augusten Burroughs
  • “Where would we be without our painful childhoods?”
    Brian Cox - Dr. Finch
  • “- Neil Bookman: Why won't you let me live in this house and be a part of this family?
    - Dr. Finch: Because I am the patriarch! And when the patriarch says jump, you jump, goddamnit! You don't co-operate, Neil, and for that, you're punished!”

    Joseph Fiennes - Neil Bookman
    Brian Cox - Dr. Finch
  • “- Norman Burroughs: I haven't had a drink in four years.
    - Deirdre Burroughs: Excuse me, can you get him a medal?”

    Alec Baldwin - Norman Burroughs
    Annette Bening - Deirdre Burroughs