“There Will Be Blood” quotes

Movie There Will Be Blood
Paul Thomas Anderson directed this movie in 2007
Title There Will Be Blood
Year 2007
Director Paul Thomas Anderson
Genre Drama
Plot – Daniel Plainview is an oil seeker who settles in a small West town, very rich in oil deposits. He becomes very rich indeed, but gradually the city suffers for the numerous drillings and Daniel himself becomes a victim of his greed. A young preacher tries to oppose to Daniel's power, but soon the priest becomes victim of his own power too.
All actors – Daniel Day-Lewis, Martin Stringer, Matthew Braden Stringer, Jacob Stringer, Joseph Mussey, Barry Del Sherman, Harrison Taylor, Stockton Taylor, Paul F. Tompkins, Dillon Freasier, Kevin Breznahan, Jim Meskimen, Erica Sullivan, Randall Carver, Coco Leigh, Paul Dano, Ciarán Hinds, Sydney McCallister, David Willis, Christine Olejniczak, Kellie Hill, James Downey, Dan Swallow, Robert Arber, Bob Bell, David Williams, Joy Rawls, Louise Gregg, Amber Roberts, John W. Watts, Robert Caroline, Barry Bruce, Irene G. Hunter, Hope Elizabeth Reeves, John Chitwood, Kevin J. O'Connor, David Warshofsky, Tom Doyle, Colton Woodward, John Burton, Hans Howes, Robert Barge, Ronald Krut, Huey Rhudy, Steven Barr, Robert Hills, Colleen Foy, Russell Harvard, Bob Bock, Vince Froio, Phil Shelly, Mary Elizabeth Barrett, Brad Carr, Kathryn A Davis, Rhonda Reeves, Beau Smith, Arne Starr
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  • “There are times when I... I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. I want to earn enough money I can get away from everyone.”
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:escape, hatred]
  • “You're not my son. You're just a little piece of competition.”

    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:challenge, father, son]
  • - H.M. Tilford: How's your boy?
    - Plainview: Thank you for asking.
    - H.M. Tilford: Is there anything we can do?
    - Plainview: "Thanks for asking" is enough.

    David Warshofsky - H.M. Tilford
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:caring, pain, son]
  • “-Eli Sunday: We have a sinner with us here who wishes for salvation. Daniel, are you a sinner?
    - Plainview: Yes. What do you want me to say?
    - Eli Sunday: Oh, Daniel, you've come here and you've brought good and wealth, but you have also brought your bad habits as a backslider. You've lusted after women, and you have abandoned your child - your...” (continue)
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    Paul Dano - Eli Sunday
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:confession, shame, sin]
  • “You're lazy and you're stupid. Do you think God is going to save you for being stupid? He doesn't save stupid people, Abel.”
    Paul Dano - Eli Sunday
  • “Even if you find one that has money and means to drill, he'll maybe know nothing about drilling and he'll have to hire the job out on contract, and then you're depending on a contractor who'll rush the job through so he can get another contract just as quick as he can. This is... the way that this works.”
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:cheating, job, money]
  • “You've been building your hate for me piece by piece. I don't even know who you are because you have none of me in you. You're someone else's. This anger, your maliciousness, backwards dealings with me.”

    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:character, hatred]
  • “I see the worst in people. I don't need to look past seeing them to get all I need. I've built up my hatreds over the years, little by little.”
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
  • “- Plainview: One night, I'm gonna come to you, inside of your house, wherever you're sleeping, and I'm gonna cut your throat.
    - H.M. Tilford: Why did you say it?
    - Plainview: You don't tell me about my son.
    - H.M. Tilford: I'm asking you to be reasonable. If I've offended you, I apologize.
    - Plainview: You'll see what I can do.”

    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    David Warshofsky - H.M. Tilford
  • “- Eli Sunday: I've sinned! I need help! I'm a sinner! I've let the Devil grab hold of me in ways I never imagined! I'm so full of sin.
    - Plainview: The Lord sometimes challenges us, doesn't he?”

    Paul Dano - Eli Sunday
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:god, sin]
  • “Things go up, things go down, but at least the Lord is always around.”
    Paul Dano - Eli Sunday
    [Tag:god, helping]
  • “- William Bandy: I know that you would like to build a pipeline through my property. Is that right, what I've heard?
    - Plainview: It's absolutely right.
    - William Bandy: God has told me what you must do. I'd like you to be part of our church.
    - Plainview: I'll pay you five thousand dollars.
    - William Bandy: Be baptized, be forgiven for the sin...” (continue)
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    Colton Woodward - William Bandy
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
  • “Mr. Bankside, I'm not going to waste your time; I'd certainly appreciate it if you didn't waste mine.”
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:time, waste]
  • “- H.M. Tilford: We'll make you a millionaire while you're sitting here from one minute to the next.
    - Plainview: What else would I do with myself?
    - H.M. Tilford: Take care of your son. I don't know what you would do.”

    David Warshofsky - H.M. Tilford
    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    [Tag:commitment, money, son]
  • “- Plainview: These men are working twelve hour shifts and they need their rest. If they don't have it, they start to make stupid mistakes...
    - Eli Sunday: I've seen some of the men drinking. Don't you think that has something to do with it...
    - Plainview: We need these men well rested to bring in this well. They can't get that if they're up here...” (continue)
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    Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Plainview
    Paul Dano - Eli Sunday