“Real Genius” quotes

Movie Real Genius
Title Real Genius
Year 1985
Director Martha Coolidge
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance
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Plot – A fifteen-year-old boy attends a special school thanks to his brilliant skills. He attends every lesson of the haughty and unfriendly Professor Hathaway and he works very hard, but soon he's mocked by the other students. The boy gets depressed and wants to come back home. A classmate tries to take advantage of his abilities to thwart an Hathaway's project: the two boys oppose together to the ambitions of the unscrupulous teacher and plan to sink his house into a huge quantity of pop corn.
All actors – Val Kilmer, Gabriel Jarret, Michelle Meyrink, William Atherton, Jon Gries, Patti D'Arbanville, Stacy Peralta, Daniel Ades, Andres Aybar, Louis Giambalvo, Ed Lauter, Charles Shull
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  • “What are you looking at? You're laborers; you should be laboring. That's what you get for not having an education.”
    William Atherton - Prof. Jerry Hathaway
    [Tag:education, job]
  • “I never sleep, I don't know why. I had a roommate and I drove her nuts, I mean really nuts, they had to take her away in an ambulance and everything. But she's okay now, but she had to transfer to an easier school, but I don't know if that had anything to do with being my fault. But listen, if you ever need to talk or you need help studying just...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Michelle Meyrink - Jordan Cochran
    [Tag:helping, insomnia]
  • “- Chris Knight: If you want to leave, go ahead. But, uh... you're going to miss the fun.
    - Mitch Taylor: What fun?
    - Chris Knight: Ick invented a new virus and we're going to release it in Kent's room.”

    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    Gabriel Jarret - Mitch Taylor
    [Tag:disease, leaving]
  • “Moles and trolls, moles and trolls, work, work, work, work, work. We never see the light of day. We plan this thing for weeks and all they want to do is study. I'm disgusted. I'm sorry but it's not like me, I'm depressed.”
    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
  • “- Chris Knight: Don't eat that!
    - Chris' Girl at Party: Why?
    - Chris Knight: Don't you know that eating that stuff can give you very large breasts? Oh, my God! I'm too late!”

    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    Lynda Wiesmeier - Chris' Girl at Party
  • Do you mind if I name my first child after you? "Dipshit Knight" has a nice ring to it.

    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    [Tag:children, insult, name]
  • “- Mitch Taylor: What is it?
    - Chris Knight: It's a penis stretcher. Do you want to try it?
    - Mitch Taylor: No!
    - Chris Knight: I'm just kidding. It's yet another in a long series of diversions in an attempt to avoid responsibility.”

    Gabriel Jarret - Mitch Taylor
    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
  • “This? This is ice. This is what happens to water when it gets too cold. This? This is Kent. This is what happens to people when they get too sexually frustrated.”
    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
  • “- Chris Knight: You unbelievable bastard.
    - Prof. Jerry Hathaway: Count on it.”

    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    William Atherton - Prof. Jerry Hathaway
  • “Mitch, there's something you need to know. Compared to you, most people have the IQ of a carrot.”
    William Atherton - Prof. Jerry Hathaway
  • “Considering the type of people you are and the environment you're in, you have to admit the strong possibility this may be the only chance you ever have in your entire lives... to have sex.”

    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    [Tag:chance, sex]
  • “- Chris Knight: So, if there's anything I can do for you or, more to the point, to you just let me know.
    - Susan Decker: Can you hammer a six-inch spike through a board with your penis?
    - Chris Knight: Not right now.
    - Susan Decker: A girl's gotta have her standards.”

    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    Deborah Foreman - Susan Decker
  • “- Jordan Cochran: Are you going to take me home to meet your parents?
    - Mitch Taylor: No.
    - Jordan Cochran: Why? Are you ashamed of me?
    - Mitch Taylor: No, them.”

    Michelle Meyrink - Jordan Cochran
    Gabriel Jarret - Mitch Taylor
  • - Mitch Taylor: What are you doing?
    - Chris Knight: Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said "... I drank what?".

    Gabriel Jarret - Mitch Taylor
    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
  • “- Chris Knight: Have you ever seen a body like this before in your life?
    - David Decker: She happens to be my daughter.
    - Chris Knight: Oh. Then I guess you have.”

    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    Ed Lauter - David Decker
    [Tag:body, daughter]
  • “- Mitch Taylor: You know, um, something strange happened to me this morning...
    - Chris Knight: Was it a dream where you see yourself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at you?
    - Mitch Taylor: No...
    - Chris Knight: Why am I the only one who has that dream?”

    Gabriel Jarret - Mitch Taylor
    Val Kilmer - Chris Knight
    [Tag:divinity, dreams]