“Bad Girls” quotes

Movie Bad Girls
Title Bad Girls
Year 1994
Director Jonathan Kaplan
Genre Romance, Western
Plot – Anita is a prostitute and she argues with Colonel Clayborne, a client. Her colleague and friend Cody kills him and gets arrested, but Anita and two other prostitutes, Eillen and Lilly, free her. Cody meets Josh, a gold digger, and she withdraws his money but bandit Kid Jarret robs her. Eileen is imprisoned and tries to seduce the jailer, William. The girls chase Jarret and after a bloodbath Eileen remains with William, while the others take distance to rebuild their lives.
All actors – Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell, Drew Barrymore, James Russo, James Le Gros, Robert Loggia, Dermot Mulroney, Jim Beaver, Nick Chinlund, Neil Summers, Daniel O'Haco
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  • “If your laws don't include me, well, then they don't apply to me either.”
    Mary Stuart Masterson - Anita Crown
  • “- Ned, Jarrett Gang: Hey girlie, how about old Ned unties you and we can have some fun, eh?
    - Lilly: Well, then you better kill me first, because the only way I'd lay with you would be if I was dead.”

    Neil Summers - Ned, Jarrett Gang
    Drew Barrymore - Lilly Laronette
    [Tag:rejection, sex]
  • “- Preacher: I accuse you of harlotry! I accuse you of having a scorpion between your legs that seduces men! I accuse you...
    - Cody Zamora: Just get on with it, will ya?”

    Harry Northup - Preacher
    Madeleine Stowe - Cody Zamora
  • “- Eileen: It's the language of love.
    - Tucker: I didn't know the language of love had words, ma'am.
    - Eileen: Oh my, yes. I could teach you.”

    Andie MacDowell - Eileen Spenser
    James Le Gros - William Tucker
  • “People say the West was conquered by the railroads. Uh-uh, my daddy says it's conquered by barbed wire.”
    Andie MacDowell - Eileen Spenser
  • “- William Tucker: Once the money gets back to Agua Dulce I reckon you're going to be pretty big heroes in these parts.
    - Cody Zamora: We ain't heroes.”

    Neil Summers - William Tucker
    Madeleine Stowe - Cody Zamora
    [Tag:heroes, money]
  • “- Lilly: Are we going to get Eileen out or what?
    - Cody Zamora: How?
    - Lilly: I don't know, but we got you out when they were gonna lynch you.
    - Cody Zamora: Well now, that was lucky.
    - Lilly: Look here, I don't let my friends get hung.”

    Drew Barrymore - Lilly Laronette
    Madeleine Stowe - Cody Zamora
  • “- Widow Matilda Clayborne: If you were anything more than a pile of manure with a badge on it, my Colonel might still be alive.
    - Echo City Sheriff: It's not like I put a gun to your mister's head and made him jump that whore... bitch!”

    Zoaunne LeRoy - Widow Matilda Clayborne
    Don Hood - Echo City Sheriff
    [Tag:death, scorn]
  • “- Jerome Lurie: Your claim is worthless without your husband alive. See for yourself... second paragraph. Now, ma'am, I'm sorry but it's the law. Surely you understand that.
    - Anita Crown: Yes, I understand that. I was worthless until I married. So now, I guess I'm worthless as a widow. Funny, I had some value as a whore.”

    Mark Carlton - Lawyer Lurie
    Mary Stuart Masterson - Anita Crown
    [Tag:widow, women, worth]
  • “Every tree is known by its fruit. This woman has brought forth badfruit.”
    Harry Northup - Preacher
    [Tag:behavior, fruits]
  • “I don't have a lot of money, but I've got this land, and I swear I'll never break your heart.”
    James Le Gros - William Tucker
    [Tag:love, promises, wealth]