“Local Hero” quotes

Movie Local Hero
Title Local Hero
Year 1983
Director Bill Forsyth
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
Plot – Felix Happer is a powerful Houston oil tycoon who plans to build a huge refinery on a Scottish coast. He sends there his young officer to acquire the necessary land for the operations, but the last owner doesn't want to sell his land at all.
All actors – Burt Lancaster, Peter Riegert, Fulton Mackay, Denis Lawson, Norman Chancer, Peter Capaldi, Rikki Fulton, Alex Norton, Jenny Seagrove, Jennifer Black, Christopher Rozycki, Gyearbuor Asante
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  • “It was a pet, not an animal. It had a name, you don't eat things with names, this is horrific!”

    Peter Riegert - Mac
    [Tag:animals, eating, name]
  • “- Rev. Macpherson: You want to buy my church?
    - Mac MacIntyre: Not as a going concern.”

    Gyearbuor Asante - Rev Macpherson
    Peter Riegert - Mac
    [Tag:business, church]
  • “- Watt: She's got a magnificent pair of lungs.
    - Geddes: Oh, yes. A great asset. Five degrees in Oceanography and a very talented programmer. I'll get rid of her when she surfaces. She's not in on this Ferness thing yet. Actually she's better in the field.”

    Alex Norton - Watt
    Rikki Fulton - Geddes
  • “- Oldsen: Why don't we kill it? Hit it with something hard...
    - Mac MacIntyre: You've already done that with a two-ton automobile!”

    Peter Capaldi - Oldsen
    Peter Riegert - Mac
    [Tag:animals, killing]
  • “- Mrs. Wyatt: Dry, normal or greasy?
    - Mac MacIntyre: Normal. Extra normal.”

    Karen Douglas - Mrs Wyatt
    Peter Riegert - Mac
  • “- Mac MacIntyre: Where's the door here?
    - Gordon Urquhart: There is no door. Just knock on the window.
    - Mac MacIntyre: How do you do business with a man who has no door?
    - Victor: The ethics are just the same.”

    Peter Riegert - Mac
    Denis Lawson - Urquhart
  • “- Mac MacIntyre: What's the most amazing thing you've ever found?
    - Ben Knox: Impossible to say. You see, there's something amazing every two or three weeks.”

    Peter Riegert - Mac
    Fulton Mackay - Ben
  • “My parents were Hungarian immigrants. They took the name MacIntyre 'cause they thought it sounded more American!”
    Peter Riegert - Mac
  • “I thought all this money would make me feel different.”
    [Tag:happiness, money]
  • “- Oldsen: Sailors used to think they were mermaids, yeah?
    - Marina: Aye, they did. They were wrong.”

    Peter Capaldi - Oldsen
    Jenny Seagrove - Marina
    [Tag:animals, mermaids]
  • “- Gordon Urquhart: I want you to try this Scotch. It's 42 years old.
    - Mac MacIntyre: Old enough to be out on its own.”

    Denis Lawson - Urquhart
    Peter Riegert - Mac
  • - Townsman: Are you sure there are two l's in "dollar", Gideon?
    - Gideon: Yes! And are there two g's in "bugger off"?

    David Mowat - Gideon
    [Tag:bothering, words]
  • “- Marina: The NorthAtlantic drift comes in here. That's warmish water from the Caribbean. That's why it's special here. There's stuff fetching up here all the way from the Bahamas.
    - Oldsen: Oh, that's a long way.
    - Marina: You swim?
    - Oldsen: Not that far.”

    Jenny Seagrove - Marina
    Peter Capaldi - Oldsen
    [Tag:sea, swimming, water]
  • “- Mac MacIntyre: How much do you want?
    - Ben Knox: Would you pay me a pound for every grain of sand in my hand? Well, that saves you some. Well, would you do it?
    - Mac MacIntyre: No. Of course not.
    - Ben Knox: Ah, well, that's a pity. You missed out on a good bargain, for I can only hold about ten thousand grains of sand in my hands. Did you...” (continue)
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    Peter Riegert - Mac
    Fulton Mackay - Ben
    [Tag:deal, money]
  • “- Mac MacIntyre: We have to talk to a Mr. Urquhart, an accountant. Can you tell me where we might find him?
    - Gordon Urquhart: Indeed, yes. He has an office next door, to the left, on the first floor. I know for a fact that he'll be there in about 15 minutes.”

    Peter Riegert - Mac
    Denis Lawson - Urquhart
  • “- Gordon Urquhart: We've been invaded by America. We're all gonna be rich.
    - Victor: Really?
    - Gordon Urquhart: We won't have anywhere to call home, but we'll be stinkin' rich.”

    Denis Lawson - Urquhart
    Christopher Rozycki - Victor
    [Tag:america, home, wealth]
  • “- Mac MacIntyre: Can you imagine a world without oil? No automobiles, no heat.
    - Oldsen: And polish.
    - Mac MacIntyre: No ink.
    - Oldsen: And nylon.
    - Mac MacIntyre: No detergents.
    - Oldsen: And Perspex. You wouldn't get any Perspex.”

    Peter Riegert - Mac
    Peter Capaldi - Oldsen
  • “- Mac MacIntyre: Any comets around?
    - Ben Knox: Do you want to buy a comet now?
    - Mac MacIntyre: Maybe.”

    Peter Riegert - Mac
    Fulton Mackay - Ben