“Mouse Hunt” quotes

Movie Mouse Hunt
Title Mouse Hunt
Original title Mousehunt
Year 1997
Director Gore Verbinski
Genre Comedy, Family
Plot – When their father dies, the brothers Ernie and Lars Smuntz inherit the old textile factory that their dad managed with a lot of efforts. In addition, they also inherit a crumbling house out of town that nobody knew it existed. Lars is married and would like to carry on the family company, while Ernie, who works in a famous restaurant, would like to sell it. One night, the mayor suddenly dies in Ernie’s restaurant, so he gets fired. The brothers visit the house together: the building is falling into pieces, but they find out that actually it is an unique construction of a popular architect and that it worths a lot. From that moment onwards, they think about modernizing it, until they spot a mouse on the floor. The hunt begins: it seems easy, but it turns out to be the most difficult thing ever. They try to kill it in every way, but they miserably fail. The mouse even makes the house fall down. The desperate Ernie and Lars go back to the factory, where there’s only chaos. However, here the mouse suggests a solution to their problems: it is better to shape cheese with the twine, instead of producing twine. The factory is successful and Ernie and Lars have become friend with the mouse, thanking their wise father.
All actors – Nathan Lane, Lee Evans, Vicki Lewis, Maury Chaykin, Eric Christmas, Michael Jeter, Debra Christofferson, Camilla Søeberg, Ian Abercrombie, Annabelle Gurwitch, Eric Poppick, Ernie Sabella, William Hickey, Christopher Walken, Cliff Emmich, Melanie MacQueen, Brianna Shebby, Danielle Shebby, Leslie Upson, Mario Cantone, Peter Anthony Rocca, Steve Bean, Suzanne Krull, William Frankfather, Patrick Thomas, Peter Gregory, E.J. Callahan, Susan Blommaert, Valorie Armstrong, Michael X. Sommers, Michael K. Ross, José Rey, Carmen Filpi, Harper Roisman, David Fresco, Scott Alan Smith, Sarah Dampf, Orville Stoeber, David Weisenberg, Fred Pierce, Clement Blake, Saverio Carubia, Pep Torres, Jack Angeles, Whit Hertford, Michael Laren
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