“Over the Edge” quotes

Movie Over the Edge
Title Over the Edge
Year 1979
Director Jonathan Kaplan
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – The movie talks about real facts happened in America during Nixon presidency. Some teenagers revolt to avenge the murder of their friend Richie, killed by a policeman. Their parents are respectable citizens, attached to the wealth they've conquered. When Richie is killed due to a series of tragic circumstances, the guys rebel against adults and destroy dozens of cars and bars. After the battle, the young vandals are handcuffed and brought to reformatory, while Richie becomes an idol.
All actors – Michael Eric Kramer, Pamela Ludwig, Matt Dillon, Vincent Spano, Tom Fergus, Harry Northup, Andy Romano, Ellen Geer, Richard Jamison, Julia Pomeroy, Tiger Thompson, Eric Lalich
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