“There's Something About Mary” quotes

Movie There's Something About Mary
Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly directed this movie in 1998
Title There's Something About Mary
Year 1998
Directors Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Ted met Mary Jenson at 17, when she was the most beautiful girl in the school and asked him to go together to the prom. However that night an awkward incident ruined everything. After the graduation, Mary moved to Florida with her family and they lost sight of each other. After twelve years, Ted is still thinking of Mary and he would like to know where she is, so he hires Pat, a private detective, to find her. When the detective finds Mary in Miami, he falls in love with her too and tries to conquer her, lying to Ted and to the girl herself about his real identity, but when finally Ted finds out that Pat has cheated on him, he travels to Miami to clarify everything.
All actors – Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller, Lee Evans, Chris Elliott, Lin Shaye, Jeffrey Tambor, Markie Post, Keith David, W. Earl Brown, Sarah Silverman, Khandi Alexander, Marnie Alexenburg, Danny Murphy, Richard Tyson, Rob Moran, Jackie Flynn, Hillary Matthews, Willie Garson, David Shackelford, David Goryl, Lori Brener, Jeffrey P. Lerner, Cory Pendergast, Brett Favre, Warren Tashjian, Kelly Roarke, Herbie Flynn, Caryl West, Ken Rogerson, Brad Blank, Steve Sweeney, Cindy Oliver, Will Coogan, Steve Tyler, Maureen Griffin, Docky, Mariann Farrelly, Jonathan Richman, Tommy Larkins, Lenny Clarke, Daniel Greene, Michael Budge, James Gifford, Sean Gildea, Zen Gesner, Tracy Anne George, Jesse Farrelly, A.B. Farrelly, Zack Lee, Valerie Bruce, Kelly O'Brien, Mike Charpentier, Peter Grundy, Michael 'The Cannon' Gannon, Peter Conway, Ann Conway, Susan O'Day, Heather Rosbeck, Jack Shields, Fallon Shields, Bob Grundy, Nancy Farrelly, Bill Beauchene, Kathy Beauchene, Manny Barrows, Max Murphy, Sheila Mone, Barbara O'Connor, Tim Sheehan, Richie Balsbaugh, Jim Blake, Tim Robbie, Providence Wissel, Ruth Michelle Meyer, Billy Meyer, Brian McGlaughlin, Brian Mone, John Stroehman, Pete Anicelli, Duana Knight, Kelley Schneider, Meda Thomas, Steve, Kenny, Pat, Mike, Billy Dee, Sam, Ernie, Tom, Chris, Rosie, Jeanie Flynn, Kevin Civale, Tom Leasca, Mercy Lopez, Michael Cheney, Scott Rosenberg, George Bedard, Terry Mullany, Rick Coleman, Michael Burke, Kris Meyer, Emilio Diaz, Billy Smith, Ed Nelson, Brian Stube, Don Daley, Clem Franek, Julia Hissom, James 'Sporty' Ahern, Robin Gau, Paul Pelletier, Monique Pelletier, Jon Mone, Nicholas Greenbury, Andrew Greenbury, Phil Rosenberg, John-Eliot Jordan, John Adamonis, Kyle Adamonis, Neil Pomfret, Ruth Pomfret, Josh Miller, , Richard Fitzpatrick, Deborah Smith Ford, James Gaiero, Debbie Howard, Richard Jenkins, Don Julio, Rick Michaels, Cord Newman, Al Quinn, Jevon White, Harland Williams
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