“Win A Date with Tad Hamilton” quotes

Movie Win A Date with Tad Hamilton
Robert Luketic directed this movie in 2004
Title Win A Date with Tad Hamilton
Original title Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
Year 2004
Director Robert Luketic
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Rosalee Futch, a shop assistant who works in a rural town of West Virginia, has a dream: meeting the actor Tad Hamilton. Her fantasy comes true when she wins a contest organized by the actor's agents to dispel the bad-boy reputation. The reward is an entire evening to spend with Tad. Rosalee's happiness is equal to her best friend Pete's despair, who's secretly in love with her. When Tad meets Rosalee, he changes his life and moves to West Virginia. For Pete and Tad's agents the nightmare has just begun.
All actors – Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace, Josh Duhamel, Nathan Lane, Sean Hayes, Gary Cole, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kathryn Hahn, Octavia Spencer, Amy Smart, Ren Trostle, Wendy Worthington, Stephen Tobolowsky, Moon Bloodgood, Mary Jo Smith, Joe Convery, Deena Dill, Bob Glouberman, Sam Pancake, Jay Underwood, Patrick Thomas O'Brien, Larry Agney, Willow Bay, Todd Eckert, David Walrod, Jessy Moss, Marshall Goodman, Danny Weissfeld, Caleb Speir, Peter Iovino, Alex A. Kvassay, , Jordana Brewster, Dan Chudy, Lauren Cohn, Emmy Collins, David Daskal, Andrea Fellers, Norman Fessler, Patrick Fischler, Jesse Heiman, Paris Hilton, Terrance Huff, Bonnie McKee, Kinsey Packard, Dave Pounder, Jennifer Hazel Quisenberry, Brian Renner, Karly Rothenberg, Diane Sellers, Melissa Goodwin Shepherd, Nicki Sixteen, Douglas Swander, Jason Woodruff, Nancy Young
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  • “- Richard Levy the Driven: Congratulations. You're actually drinking, driving, smoking, leering and groping at the same time.
    - Richard Levy the Shameless: Which on one hand, is just about the coolest thing ever but on the other hand, maybe isn't so great for the image.”

    Nathan Lane - Richard Levy the Driven
    Sean Hayes - Richard Levy the Shameless
  • “You have five smiles Pete. One when you think someone is an idiot. One when you think someone's really an idiot. One when you're getting all dressed up. One when you're singing to Barry White. And one when you're looking at me.”
    Kate Bosworth - Rosalee Futch
    [Tag:happiness, love, smile]
  • “When great love is rejected Rosalee, something inside a man dies.”
    Kathryn Hahn - Angelica
  • “Do you even know that she has six different smiles? One when something just flat out makes her laugh. And one when she is laughing out of politeness. But there’s one when she makes plans. One when she makes fun of herself. One when she is uncomfortable. And one when... she's talking about her friends.”
    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
  • “- Pete Monash: I cannot remember a time before you started telling that story.
    - Rosalee Futch: I was asked to provide a detailed explanation of the evening.
    - Pete Monash: And you did, Rosie, you really did. I really felt like I was there... sort of against my will.”

    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
    Kate Bosworth - Rosalee Futch
  • “- Pete Monash: If he claims that he doesn't really like watchingsports, he's just trying to sleep with you.
    - Rosalee Futch: Got it.
    - Pete Monash: And if he claims to love animals, then he's just really trying to sleep with you. Guys are guys Rosie. Rich or poor. Famous or grocers. Just do me one favor ok? Guard your carnale treasure.”

    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
    Kate Bosworth - Rosalee Futch
    [Tag:lies, men, sport]
  • “- Angelica: How much do you love her? Is it love, is it big love, or is it great love?
    - Pete Monash: What do you mean?
    - Angelica: Well, love you get over in two months, big love two years, and great love, well great love... changes your life.”

    Kathryn Hahn - Angelica
    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
    [Tag:diversity, love, time]
  • “Sometimes Goliath kicks the shit out of David. It's just nobody bothers to tell that story.”
    Gary Cole - Henry Futch
    [Tag:arrogance, legend]
  • “Tad, if you are going back to the airport I will ride with you, and by the Route 73 cloverleaf, I will have given myself to you in ways you've only read about in the drugstore!”
    Ginnifer Goodwin - Cathy Feely
    [Tag:imagination, lust, sex]
  • “Do you think it's possible to love someone your whole life and never really realize it until something happens that makes you see?”
    Kate Bosworth - Rosalee Futch
  • “Heaven is just a mouse click away.”
    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
  • “- Rosalee Futch: So he's going to stay in the motel while he fixes up the farm.
    - Pete Monash: Like, he's a farmer, all of a sudden?
    - Rosalee Futch: I think he'll be a good farmer.
    - Pete Monash: Rosie, he's from Malibu, California okay? The only thing they grow there are breasts.”

    [Tag:california, craft]