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Movie Xanadu
Title Xanadu
Year 1980
Director Robert Greenwald
Genre Musical, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – Sonny Malone, a sketch designer at "Airflo Discs", can't stand his tyrant superior's mentality. As soon as he can he refuges in his fantasy. One day, skating along the streets of the seaside city, he meets Kira, a mysterious blonde skater who kisses him and suddently disappears. Then Sonny meets Danny McGuire on the beach, a clarinetist who has abandoned his artistic activities and has become a millionaire through other paths. During a job, Malone notices a girl in a picture who looks like Kira. Then they meet in an abandoned and big bar: Kira wants to modernize and reopen it, calling it 'Xanadu'. Sonny is helped by Danny to realize the project and elects him his business partner. Kira actually is one of the muses in the Parnassus and has fallen in love with Sonny. To live forever on the Earth with him, she has to give up her mythical nature.
All actors – Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, Michael Beck, James Sloyan, Dimitra Arliss, Katie Hanley, Fred McCarren, Renn Woods, Sandahl Bergman, Lynn Latham, Melinda Phelps, Cherise Bates
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  • “- Sonny: What's your last name?
    - Kira: Same as my mother's and father's.
    - Sonny: And what's that?
    - Kira: Which one, my mother's or my father's?
    - Sonny: Either!
    - Kira: The same as mine!
    - Sonny: I get it. No questions.
    - Kira: No questions, no lies.
    - Sonny: No questions, no truth, either.”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
  • “- Sonny: I've been asking about you all day. You may not believe this but I'm painting an album cover and you're on it.
    - Kira: Why shouldn't I believe it?
    - Sonny: Because before today I never laid eyes on you. Now I've seen you 3 times in one day. That's a little too coincidental.
    - Kira: Sounds like you don't believe it.”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
  • “- Sonny: You ever think about going back into music?
    - Danny McGuire: Oh, only about 20 or 30 times a day.”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
    [Tag:music, thinking]
  • “- Danny McGuire: Don't tell anyone, but I'm nervous.
    - Kira: What about?
    - Danny McGuire: I haven't had a club opening since... 1945. Wow.
    - Kira: Then just pretend it's 1945 all over again.
    - Danny McGuire: I don't have to pretend. It is 1945 all over again.”

    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
    [Tag:nervousness, past]
  • “- Danny McGuire: Hey, do you like Glenn Miller?
    - Sonny: Do you like rock 'n' roll?
    - Danny McGuire: I love rock 'n' roll.
    - Sonny: I love Glenn Miller.”

    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
  • “- Danny McGuire: A bandstand. Right over there in that corner. And a big band, like in the 40's.
    - Sonny: Nah, nah, nah. Bandstands went out with running boards. Over there. A great rock 'n' roll band. This is the 80's!
    - Danny McGuire: Real smooth dancers... wild trombone... the band decked out in tuxedos.
    - Sonny: Six guys wearing electric...” (continue)
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    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    [Tag:modernity, music, past]
  • “- Danny McGuire: Kira, I want you to promise me one thing.
    - Kira: Anything!
    - Danny McGuire: On opening night, I get the first dance.
    - Kira: Okay.
    - Sonny: You're gonna dance?
    - Danny McGuire: Oh, I've been known to twinkle a toe or two.”

    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    [Tag:ability, dancing]
  • “- Sonny: Hey mister, what are you doing up there?
    - Danny McGuire: Hope you don't mind a little noon-time music, kid. A little lunch time serenade.
    - Sonny: Oh, I don't mind. It's kinda nice. But I was just wondering where they laid out the body. I mean, you got something a little more upbeat?”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
    [Tag:music, playing]
  • - Kira: Have you ever heard the expression "kissed by a muse"? Well, that's what I am. I'm a muse.
    - Sonny: Well, I'm glad someone's having a good time.
    - Kira: Oh, don't make jokes; I'm serious.

    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    [Tag:inspiration, kiss]
  • “- Kira: I'm Kira.
    - Danny McGuire: Yes, Kira. But...
    - Kira: But?
    - Danny McGuire: Don't I know you?
    - Kira: I don't think so.
    - Danny McGuire: Are you sure? Because...
    - Kira: Because?
    - Danny McGuire: Never mind.”

    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
  • “You know, I used to be in the music business, but now I'm what you might call retired. It's a refined name for bum.”
    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
    [Tag:music, retirement]
  • “- Sonny: Dreams die.
    - Danny McGuire: No. No, no, no. Not by themselves. We kill them!”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Gene Kelly - Danny McGuire
  • “- Sonny: I've come to take you out of here.
    - Kira: It can't be done. No one's ever taken anyone out of here. Not in the whole history of... the whole history!
    - Sonny: I'll make them let you go. Zeus! Zeus, you hear me?
    - Kira: Oh, God.”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
  • “We've been painted by Michelangelo. Shakespeare's written sonnets about us. Beethoven's played music for us. We're not supposed to feel emotion or show any feelings. Muses are just supposed to inspire.”
    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
  • “- Male Heavenly Voice: Those are the rules and that's all there is to it.
    - Female Heavenly Voice: On the other hand, dear, rules were made to be broken.
    - Male Heavenly Voice: We'll talk about that later.
    - Female Heavenly Voice: Which is later?”

    Wilfrid Hyde-White - Heavenly Voice - Male
    Coral Browne - Heavenly Voice - Female
  • “- Sonny: I want to know more about you.
    - Kira: You already know enough about me. Any more and you're going to get a headache.”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
    [Tag:curiosity, danger]
  • “- Sonny: I've come to get Kira.
    - Male Heavenly Voice: She's not leaving - it's impossible!
    - Male Heavenly Voice, Sonny [in unison]: That's what you think!
    - Sonny: How did you know I was going to say that?
    - Male Heavenly Voice: Put it this way - I'm a good guesser!”

    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    Wilfrid Hyde-White - Heavenly Voice - Male
  • “- Kira: Our first date together.
    - Sonny: Followed by our first getting-kicked-out together.”

    Olivia Newton-Jonn - Kira
    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
  • “Guys like me shouldn't dream, anyway.”
    Michael Beck - Sonny Malone
    [Tag:dreams, illusion]