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Immagine di Zachary Levi
Identikit and personal data
Last name
Levi Pugh
Zachary Levi
September 29, 1980
North American
actor, singer
Zodiac sign
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Zachary Levi quotes
  • “People don't talk about religion a lot in Hollywood because it's not an incredibly safe place to do it.”
    Zachary Levi
  • “I believe in conscientious capitalism; that's a kind of driving force with me.”
    Zachary Levi
  • “Fans will treat something preciously if they're given the opportunity to do so.”
    Zachary Levi
  • “My whole background, my whole life was just lots and lots of theater, a lot of that being musical theater.”
    Zachary Levi
    [Tag:career, theater]
  • Here's a thing about power. What good is power if you got nobody to share it with?”
    Zachary Levi - Shazam
    [Tag:power, sharing]
  • “- Freddy Freeman: Are you more powerful than a locomotive?
    - Shazam: What's a locomotive?”

    Jack Dylan Grazer - Freddy Freeman
    Zachary Levi - Shazam
  • “So this is like the Seven Deadly Sins, right? I mean, I've never been great at math, but, uh, the big angry one, that's Wrath, yeah? And then Gluttony, obvi. Pride, Greed, Sloth, Lust, who I thought was gonna be way hotter, if I'm being honest. But that's only six. Where's lucky number seven? Where's little man? Where's Envy? Is he just scared...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Zachary Levi - Shazam
    [Tag:envy, sin]
  • “- Shazam: I can't talk to fish! Even if I could, I mean, honestly, what could we do with that that's cool?
    - Freddy Freeman: [wearing an Aquaman shirt] I don't know, maybe command an army of billions from the ocean?”

    Zachary Levi - Shazam
    Jack Dylan Grazer - Freddy Freeman
    [Tag:fish, talking]
  • “- Freddy Freeman: You know, I like you like this. This is so cool. I mean, no offense, but, like, at first you were kinda like the opposite of how Darla is.
    - Shazam: A dick?
    - Freddy Freeman: Your words. Not mine. But yeah.”

    Jack Dylan Grazer - Freddy Freeman
    Zachary Levi - Shazam
  • “- Freddy Freeman: All right, well, I feel like every criminal is either on drugs or asleep by now. Wanna head home?
    - Shazam: Looking like this?
    - Freddy Freeman: Well, yeah, I mean, usually, we'd have a lair to go back to, but that's long-term. Right now, we have a bunk bed.”

    Jack Dylan Grazer - Freddy Freeman
    Zachary Levi - Shazam
    [Tag:home, return, sleeping]