“Driving Miss Daisy” quotes

Movie Driving Miss Daisy
Bruce Beresford directed this movie in 1989
Title Driving Miss Daisy
Year 1989
Director Bruce Beresford
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Atlanta, 1948. Daisy Werthan is an old Jewish widow who lives comfortably and is still active and resourceful but intractable because of her fixations and prejudices. A man loses control of his car, which smashes in a tangle of bushes at the park and leaves Daisy miraculously unharmed. Her worried son Boolie finds her a personal driver, a fifty-year-old black man called Hoke Colburn. He joins Idella, the black housekeeper, and with a massive dose of patience he tolerates the insatiable mistress who rejects him and seeks continually some pretexts to get rid of him. Due to the incredible Hoke's endurance and the sudden death of Idella, Miss Daisy learns to control her critics toward the faithful driver, who now works also as gardener, cook, waiter and handyman. At ninety-four-years-old, Miss Daisy goes into mental confusion and thinks she's gone back in time, when she used to teach at school. Hoke, who has never abandoned her, takes care of her and listens to her ravings. For Daisy now, Hoke is her best friend.
All actors – Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, Dan Aykroyd, Patti LuPone, Esther Rolle, Joann Havrilla, William Hall Jr., Alvin M. Sugarman, Clarice F. Geigerman, Muriel Moore, Sylvia Kaler, Carolyn Gold, Crystal R. Fox, Bob Hannah, Ray McKinnon, Ashley Josey, Jack Rousso, Fred Faser, Indra A. Thomas, Dean DuBois, Martin Luther King, D. Taylor Loeb
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