“Crimes of the Heart” quotes

Movie Crimes of the Heart
Bruce Beresford directed this movie in 1986
Title Crimes of the Heart
Year 1986
Director Bruce Beresford
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – The three Magrath sisters gather together in their old family house in Mississippi. Lenny is a plaintive spinster and takes care of the sick grandfather, Meg has left her hometown to have a career in theatre, while Babe has just been released by police. When the three sisters reunite for their grandfather's birthday, the meeting is firstly unusual but they re-create the family atmosphere. Their mother hanged herself together with the family cat because their father left her. They remember also Lenny's first love, then other memories. While Babe is assisted by a lawyer, Meg believes to have finally found happiness and Lenny finally meets the man of her dreams. Their grandfather is hospitalized, meanwhile Babe decides to kill herself but Meg saves her just in time. Despite the circumstances, now the three sisters believe they are strongly bonded.
All actors – Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange, Sissy Spacek, Sam Shepard, Tess Harper, David Carpenter, Hurd Hatfield, Beeson Carroll, Jean Willard, Tom Mason, Gregory Eugene Travis, Annie McKnight
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