“Lone Star” quotes

Movie Lone Star
Title Lone Star
Year 1996
Director John Sayles
Genre Drama, Crime, Mystery
Plot – A Masonic ring, a sheriff's badge and a human skull are found in the desert south of Texas. Sam, the sheriff of the nearby city, tells it to Mayor Hollis as everything concerns the story of Charlie Wade, the former corrupt sheriff dismissed thanks to Buddy, Sam's father. Now the discovery of the skull has ruined everything. Sam meets Pilar, Mercedes's daughter and owner of a restaurant, and between them turns on an old passion but the relationship causes strong frictions. After many difficulties, Sam accuses Hollis to have witnessed Charlie Wade's murder, killed by his same father Buddy. Sam now has to choose between truth and legend and has to face the fact that he and Pilar are brother and sister indeed. Both have now to reconstruct their happiness.
All actors – Stephen Mendillo, Stephen J. Lang, Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Peña, Oni Faida Lampley, Eleese Lester, Joe Stevens, Gonzalo Castillo, Richard Coca, Clifton James, Tony Frank, Miriam Colon
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