“The Impostors” quotes

Movie The Impostors
Stanley Tucci directed this movie in 1998
Title The Impostors
Year 1998
Director Stanley Tucci
Genre Comedy
Plot – Maurice and Arthur are two unemployed actors who collide with Jeremy Burtom, a mediocre but successful actor. Chased by police, Maurice and Arthur end up on a ship which is about to sail. The other passengers are fleeing from something as well. Onboard, it seems a bomb is about to explode, causing panic among the passengers, but the bomber asks each person to not hide the real identity. In the end Maurice and Arthur are acclaimed.
All actors – Oliver Platt, Stanley Tucci, Walker Jones, Jessica Walling, David Lipman, E. Katherine Kerr, George Guidall, William Hill, Alfred Molina, Michael Emerson, Jack O'Connell, Matt Malloy
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