“Young Frankenstein” quotes

Movie Young Frankenstein
Mel Brooks directed this movie in 1974
Title Young Frankenstein
Year 1974
Director Mel Brooks
Genre Comedy
Plot – The young Baron of Frankenstein, heir to a Central European family, is passionate about scientific research. One day he discovers a magnetic fluid capable of reanimate a dead man by trasplanting a new brain in him. He steals a giant corpse and an abnormal brain and creates a "monster". Obviously, the new creature is tarrying and kills whatever is in its way, but it is also sensitive because of an inclination for compassion and, above all, love. Many adventures will lead the monster to become the husband of Elizabeth, the ex-girlfriend of the scientist; moreover, the young Von Frankenstein will marry the assistant Inga.
All actors – Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, Cloris Leachman, Teri Garr, Kenneth Mars, Richard Haydn, Liam Dunn, Danny Goldman, Oscar Beregi Jr., Arthur Malet, Anne Beesley, Monte Landis, Rusty Blitz, John Madison, John Dennis, Rick Norman, Rolfe Sedan, Terence Pushman, Randolph Dobbs, Norbert Schiller, Pat O'Hara, Michael Fox, Lidia Kristen, Madeline Kahn, Richard A. Roth, Gene Hackman, Ian Abercrombie, Leon Askin, Mel Brooks, John Carradine, Lou Cutell, Berry Kroeger, Jeff Maxwell, Clement von Franckenstein
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