Scolding quotes

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  • “She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something. I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.”
    Jeff Daniels - Harry Dunne
    [Tag:attention, listening, scolding]
  • “- Wyatt Earp: Go ahead, skin it! Skin that smokewagon and see what happens...
    - Johnny Tyler: M-mister, I'm gettin' tired of your...
    - Wyatt Earp: [slaps Tyler across the face, unafraid] I'm gettin' tired of all your gas, now jerk that pistol and go to work!
    - Wyatt Earp: [slaps him harder, now completely steely-eyed] I said throw down, boy!”

    Kurt Russell - Wyatt Earp
    Billy Bob Thornton - Johnny Tyler
    [Tag:scolding, threat, weapons]
  • “- Wilma Northrup: I told you half an hourago to get one of those kids in the monkey suits to bring the car around!
    - Henry Northrup: Oh, I'm sorry...
    - Wilma Northrup: Oh, Henry, you are such a little kid! I swear to God you are! I mean were would you be without me to take care of you?”

    Adrienne Barbeau - Wilma Northrup
    Hal Holbrook - Henry Northrup
    [Tag:caring, maturity, scolding]
  • “- Captain Diel: Two officers were shot, one man lost a pinkie.
    - Carter: But didn't nobody die!
    - Captain Diel: You destroyed half a city block!
    - Carter: That block was already messed up.
    - Captain Diel: And you lost a lot of evidence!
    - Carter: We still got a little bit left.”

    Philip Baker Hall - Captain Diel
    Chris Tucker - Carter
    [Tag:police, scolding, wound]
  • “You know what your problem is? You are so goddamn bored, you have to invent things to bitch about! You don't have a single thing to do on this Earth except for your hair! The closet was fine, you just needed something to fill up your useless, nail-polishing, toe-polishing, rich bitch, sun-tanning days!”

    Kurt Russell - Dean Proffitt
    [Tag:complaining, scolding]
  • “- President Garcia-Thompson: You passed out cigarettes for a smoke-a-thon on Earth Day. You installed speed bumps on the handicapped ramps and, most recently, you dumped 100 pounds of... meat on a peaceful vegan protest!
    - James 'Droz' Andrews: Oh, come on! That was way more than 100 pounds.”

    Jessica Walter - President Garcia-Thompson
    Jeremy Piven - James 'Droz' Andrews
    [Tag:food, scolding]
  • “- Stan: I told you before I didn't want you to read this crap. I never saw such rotten crap in my life. Where do get this shit? Who sells it to ya? I'm talking to you, young man! You wanna answer me when I'm talking to ya. You remember who puts the friggin' bread on the table around here, don't you?
    - Billy's Mother: Stan, don't be too hard on...” (continue)
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    Tom Atkins - Stan
    Iva Jean Saraceni - Billy's Mother
    [Tag:children, reading, scolding]
  • “Heinemann's already been up my ass so far I won't be able to sit down for a week. We're not winning this war.”
    Kent McCord - Captain B. Pilgrim
    [Tag:scolding, war]
  • “- Hank: You had enough? You've learned your lesson about jumping rope in the street and using dirty language?
    - Jump Rope Girl: I'm gonna tell my daddy on you, Charlie!
    - Hank: Wrong answer! And the name's Hank, fuckface. Learn it!”

    Jim Carrey - Hank
    Heather Hodder - Jump Rope Girl
    [Tag:children, name, scolding]
  • “- Colonel William Sharp: Get off... the nuclear... warhead.
    - Rockhound: I was doing that guy from that movie, you know, Slim Pickens, where he rides it all the way in, the nuclear warhead.
    - Colonel William Sharp: Now.
    - Rockhound: Oh, you didn't see that one, huh?”

    William Fichtner - Colonel Willie Sharp
    Steve Buscemi - Rockhound
    [Tag:atomic bomb, quotations, scolding]