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Identikit and personal data
Sarah Catharine
Last name
Sarah Paulson
December 17, 1974
North American
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Sarah Paulson quotes
  • “Kay is in a position she never thought she'd be in, a position I'm sureplenty of people don't think she should have. When you're told time and time again that you're not good enough, that your opinion doesn't matter as much. When they don't just look past you, when, to them, you're not even there, when that's been your reality for so long, it's...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Sarah Paulson - Tony Bradlee
    [Tag:courage, risk]
  • “My choices in life have been unconventional, and that's my business. But I do want to live responsibly and truthfully without hiding.”
    Sarah Paulson
  • “I'm not interested in a character's goodness. I'm interested in what makes them human.”
    Sarah Paulson
  • “What I can say absolutely is that I am in love, and that person happens to be Holland Taylor.”
    Sarah Paulson On Holland Taylor
  • “I understand that the three of you think you are superhuman. That you don't think you are normal. You've convinced yourselves you have extraordinary gifts, like something out of a comic book. I am here to discuss the possibility that you are mistaken.”

    Sarah Paulson - Dr. Ellie Staple
  • “Good luck, Elijah. Nothing essential is going to change about who you are. I promise, my friend...”

    Sarah Paulson - Dr. Ellie Staple
  • “They got it wrong in the comics. They talk about secret evil groups trying to stop the heroes. I don't think we are particularly evil and we don't choose sides. We try to stop both of you. If there is one of you, the opposite of you appears. It escalates. We step in. There just can't be gods amongst us. It's not fair. It has worked just fine for...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Sarah Paulson - Dr. Ellie Staple
  • “- Mistress Epps: You will remove that black bitch from this property, or I'll take myself back to Cheneyville.
    - Edwin Epps: Back to the hogs's trough where I found you? Do not set yourself against Patsy, my dear. Because I will rid myself of you well before I do away with her.”

    Sarah Paulson - Mistress Epps
    Michael Fassbender - Edwin Epps
  • “- Harge Aird: [about Carol] I love her.
    - Abby Gerhard: [Quietly, almost pitifully] I can't help you with that.”

    Kyle Chandler - Harge Aird
    Sarah Paulson - Abby Gerhard
    [Tag:helping, love, sorrow]