“Head Over Heels” quotes

Movie Head Over Heels
Title Head Over Heels
Year 1979
Director Joan Micklin Silver
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
All actors – John Heard, Mary Beth Hurt, Peter Riegert, Kenneth McMillan, Gloria Grahame, Nora Heflin, Jerry Hardin, Tarah Nutter, Mark Metcalf, Allen Joseph, Frances Bay, Griffin Dunne
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  • “- Charles: How can jumping on a trampoline straighten out bow-legs?
    - Laura: I was misinformed!”

    John Heard - Charles
    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
    [Tag:body, sport]
  • “The day my grandfather killed himself, he went hunting and shot two grouse. After the funeral, my grandmother cleaned and cooked the grouse.”
    John Heard - Charles
  • “- Blind Man: You've been up all night. That only makes things look worse.
    - Charles: Yeah? I really thought I was having a nervousbreakdown for a second there.
    - Blind Man: Sure!”

    Allen Joseph - Blind Man
    John Heard - Charles
  • “- Charles: I thought you said you were on the trampoline team in high school.
    - Laura: I was on the trampoline team in high school.
    - Charles: That must have been before it became a competitive sport.
    - Laura: I never said I was any good you know.”

    John Heard - Charles
    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
    [Tag:ability, school, sport]
  • “- Charles: Do you want me to get the food, mother?
    - Clara: What food?
    - Charles: The turkey!
    - Clara: There isn't any turkey.
    - Charles: Whatever it is that you prepared, would you like me to go into the kitchen and get it?
    - Clara: I didn't prepare anything. There isn't any dinner.”

    John Heard - Charles
    Gloria Grahame - Clara
    [Tag:dinner, food, mother]
  • “- Laura: I haven't felt terrific in a long time.
    - Charles: If I make you feel terrific, will you marry me?”

    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
    John Heard - Charles
  • “- Charles: Could you imagine living with a man named Ox?
    - Susan: Yes, if she's happy.
    - Charles: She's not happy.
    - Susan: Are you happy?
    - Charles: What's happy?”

    John Heard - Charles
    Tarah Nutter - Susan
    [Tag:happiness, name]
  • - Charles: That's a nice ribbon in your hair.
    - Clara: I told the nurse that it was like the song. "Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree".

    John Heard - Charles
    Gloria Grahame - Clara
    [Tag:hair, songs]
  • - Charles: What's your name?
    - Laura: Laura Connelly
    - Charles: What a...
    - Laura: "What a beautiful name"?
    - Charles: No, no. I wasn't going to say that. I wasn't going to say "What a beautiful name". I was going to say "What a coincidence!". ... (continue)
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    John Heard - Charles
    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
  • “- Charles: You're prettier than she is.
    - Laura: Now I'm prettier than a porno star. Would you stop it?
    - Charles: Stop what?
    - Laura: We go to movies and you say I look better than the movie stars. We go to the best restaurant in town and you say I'm a better cook than the chef. You have this exulted view of me and I hate it. If you think I'm...” (continue)
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    John Heard - Charles
    Mary Beth Hurt - Laura
  • “- Clara: How are you parents, Sam? Where are they living?
    - Sam: My fathers living in an apartment on Lee Road and my mother's still in the house.
    - Clara: Did you hear that Charles? Sam's parents aren't living together!
    - Charles: You knew that, mom! Sam's parents haven't lived together since Sam and I were in the eighth grade.
    - Clara: I...” (continue)
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    Gloria Grahame - Clara
    Peter Riegert - Sam
    John Heard - Charles
  • “- Sam: What do you want from a child her age? She never even went to Woodstock!
    - Charles: Neither did we.
    - Sam: But we could have.
    - Charles: That's true.”

    Peter Riegert - Sam
    John Heard - Charles
    [Tag:place, traveling]
  • “- Betty: Is this all you have?
    - Charles: That's a profound question!
    - Betty: What?
    - Charles: That's all I have.”

    Nora Heflin - Betty
    John Heard - Charles
  • “I thought maybe this might be your minimalist period.”

    John Heard - Charles
    [Tag:furniture, house]