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Movie Shooter
Antoine Fuqua directed this movie in 2007
Title Shooter
Year 2007
Director Antoine Fuqua
Genre Drama, Crime, Action
Plot – Bob Lee Swagger is a bitter man who has left his job as a Marine after a terrible betrayal. He has retired to live in a remote mountain village where he's approached by Colonel Isaac Johnson, a retired man too. He tells him the country desperately needs him again because someone is organizing an attempt against the United States President. Only his skills and experience can thwart the plan, so Swagger reluctantly agrees to serve his country one last time, but he doesn't know the mission is actually a government conspiracy. When Swagger realizes he's been duped again, it's too late.
All actors – Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña, Danny Glover, Kate Mara, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Jonathan Walker, Louis Ferreira, Tate Donovan, Rade Serbedzija, A.C. Peterson, Ned Beatty, Lane Garrison, Zak Santiago, Michael-Ann Connor, Shawn Reis, Brian Markinson, Michael St. John Smith, Dean McKenzie, Tom Butler, Adrian G. Griffiths, Darrin Massey, Mackenzie Gray, Levon Helm, Rebecca Toolan, Trish Allen, James Wettengl, John Tench, David Bloom, Brad Kelly, David Neale, Susan Barnett, Ukee Washington, Dagmar Midcap, Darrin Maharaj, Anthony McCrae, Mike Dopud, Chic Gibson, Danny Hernandez, Jonathan Eusebio, , Vale Anoai, Erica Lynne Arden, Elise Arsenault, Joe Barlam, Ernest E. Brown, Sharon Carpenter-Rose, Alice Chamberlain, Karen Chamberlain, Damien Colletti, Holly Eglinton, Alexander Emmert, Liam Ferguson, Patrick Ferguson, Tammy Gillis, Lauren Glazier, Thomas M. Hagen, Richard Jollymore, Michael Wingate Jones, Cory Kastle, Fred Keating, William James Kelly, Brent Knobloch, Lawrence Laravela, Roberto Lombardi, Steve Lord, Tiffany Marz, Peter Mason, Rick Matters, Mac McDonald, Mike Monroe, Jeffrey Mowery, Laurence Mullaney, Ken Myers, Manny Oliverez, Henry Penzi, Vito Pietanza, Lil Rhee, Vincent Riviezzo, Kurt Runkle, Roger Sands, Chuck Schanamann, David Adam Smith, Eugene Smith, Patrick Michael Strange, Ian Thompson, Frank Traynor, Sean Traynor, Dan Van Wert, Kimberly Villanova, Torell Vinson, Jamal Weathers, Don Whatley, Mike Wilson, Lindsey Zajac
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