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  • “- Steve Wozniak: You can't write code... you're not an engineer... you're not a designer... you can't put a hammer to a nail. I built the circuit board. The graphical interface was stolen from Xerox Parc. Jef Raskin was the leader of the Mac team before you threw him off his own project! Someone else designed the box! So how come ten times in a...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Seth Rogen - Steve Wozniak
    Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs
    [Tag:ability, fame, success]
  • “- Red: That's what I am. I'm just a hermit crab changin' shells.
    - Dale Denton: Except if you're a dick your whole life, your next shell will be made of shit, okay? If you're an asshole, you're gonna come back as a cockroach or a worm or a fuckin' anal bead, okay? If you're a man and you act heroic, you'll come back as an eagle. You'll come back...” (continue)
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    Danny McBride - Red
    Seth Rogen - Dale Denton
  • “I mean, where I come from, 'communism' is not a terrible word.”
    Seth Rogen
  • - Saul Silver: This is like if that "Blue Oyster" shit met that "Afghan Kush" I had and they had a baby. And then, meanwhile, that crazy "Northern Light" stuff I had and the "Super Red Espresso Snowflake" met and had a baby. And by some miracle, those two babies met and fucked... this would the shit that they birthed.
    - Dale Denton: [smells the... (continue)
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    James Franco - Saul Silver
    Seth Rogen - Dale Denton
    [Tag:drugs, metaphors, sex]
  • “- Angie Anderson: I lost my virginity when I was fourteen, okay? How many women have you even slept with?
    - Dale Denton: Like two and a half.
    - Angie Anderson: Two and a half? What is a half, your hand? That doesn't count!”

    Amber Heard - Angie Anderson
    Seth Rogen - Dale Denton
  • “- Ben Stone: You screwed me, dad. You said everything was going to be fine and nothing is fine. Nothing is fine.
    - Ben's Dad: Ben, I've been divorced three times. Why would you listen to me?”

    Seth Rogen - Ben Stone
    Harold Ramis - Ben's dad
    [Tag:divorce, marriage]
  • “You know, the best thing for a hangover is weed. It is, like, the best medicine. 'Cause it fixes everything. ”
    Seth Rogen - Ben Stone
    [Tag:drugs, medicine]
  • “This isn't funny. This guy's got twelve kids, that's not funny. That's a lot of responsibility to just be... laughing about. This is sick. This is a sick movie. I gotta turn this off. It's freaking me out.”

    Seth Rogen - Ben Stone
  • “I once 69:ed Fidel Castro. You think his beard is hairy.”
    Seth Rogen - Fred Flarsky
  • “- Fred Flarsky: I got fucked, man.
    - Lance: Yeah, you got fucked like a stepmom on Pornhub.”

    Seth Rogen - Fred Flarsky
    O'Shea Jackson Jr. - Lance
  • “I feel like maybe you want me to kiss you right now but I don't want to make the same stupid mistake I made 25 years ago.”

    Seth Rogen - Fred Flarsky
    [Tag:kiss, mistake, past]
  • “- Fred Flarsky: We did almost just die, though, right?
    - Charlotte Field: We totally almost just died.
    - Fred Flarsky: Good, so I didn't just overreact.
    - Charlotte Field: Oh, you totally overreacted.”

    Seth Rogen - Fred Flarsky
    Charlize Theron - Charlotte Field
    [Tag:behavior, death, risk]
  • “I'm a racist, you're a Republican, I don't know what the fuck's going on.”

    Seth Rogen - Fred Flarsky
  • “- Saul Silver: What's up with the suit?
    - Dale Denton: Oh, I'm a process server, so I have to wear a suit.
    - Saul Silver: Wow, you're a servant? Like a butler? A chauffeur?
    - Dale Denton: No, no. What? No, I'm not like...
    - Saul Silver: Shine shoes?
    - Dale Denton: I'm a process server!”

    James Franco - Saul Silver
    Seth Rogen - Dale Denton
    [Tag:clothes, job]
  • “- Ben's Dad: I love you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
    - Ben Stone: I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you?
    - Ben's Dad: Yes.
    - Ben Stone: Now I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you...”

    Harold Ramis - Ben's dad
    Seth Rogen - Ben Stone
    [Tag:love, shame]
  • “- Red: I'm like the nerd at the sleepover who fell asleep at nine.
    - Dale Denton: It's okay. We won't put our dicks in your mouth.”

    Danny McBride - Red
    Seth Rogen - Dale Denton
  • “- Dave Skylark: This whole time I thought you were Samwise to my Frodo. But you're just... Boromir!
    - Aaron Rapaport: I don't know who the fuck that is!
    - Dave Skylark: 'I don't know who Boromir is', that's such a Boromir thing to say!”

    James Franco - Dave Skylark
    Seth Rogen - Aaron Rapaport
  • - Windows: So, we're all hunky-dory? We're all copacetic?
    - Roach: Well, if the word "copacetic" means I'm gonna rip off your tongue and lick your ass with it, then yeah, we're copacetic.

    Jay Baruchel - Windows
    Seth Rogen - Roach
    [Tag:meaning, words]
  • “- Dave Skylark: Kim must die, it's the American way.
    - Sook: How many times can the U.S. make the same mistake?
    - Aaron Rapaport: As many times as it takes!”

    James Franco - Dave Skylark
    Diana Bang - Sook
    Seth Rogen - Aaron Rapaport
  • “We will know soon enough if you are Leonardo da Vinci or just think you are.”
    Seth Rogen - Steve Wozniak
    [Tag:ego, expectation]
  • “- Saul Silver: How about in the park, when I said you were my friend... you didn't say anything back.
    - Dale Denton: Well, that's easy. It's because we're not friends. You are my drug dealer. The only reason I know you is because I like the drugs you sell. If you didn't sell drugs, I would have no idea who you are, and I wouldn't be here right now.”

    James Franco - Saul Silver
    Seth Rogen - Dale Denton
    [Tag:drugs, friends]
  • “- Fogell: What's it like to have a gun?
    - Officer Michaels: It's like having two cocks. If one of your cocks could kill someone.”

    Christopher Mintz-Plasse - Fogell
    Seth Rogen - Officer Michaels
  • “- Red: I don't know what's up with you, but I don't know if I like you.
    - Dale Denton: Well, I don't know if I like you either, man.
    - Red: Well, that's your loss 'cause I'm a great friend.”

    Danny McBride - Red
    Seth Rogen - Dale Denton
  • “- Agent Lacey: The CIA would love it if you two could... take him out.
    - Dave Skylark: Take him out?
    - Aaron Rapaport: For drinks?
    - Agent Lacey: No, no, no. Take him out.
    - Aaron Rapaport: You want us to assassinate the leader of North Korea.
    - Agent Lacey: Yes.
    - Dave Skylark: Whaaaaaaaat?”

    Lizzy Caplan - Agent Lacey
    James Franco - Dave Skylark
    Seth Rogen - Aaron Rapaport
    [Tag:killing, leader]
  • “- Steve Wozniak: I'm standing by you because that perfect cube - that does nothing - is about to be the single biggest failure in the history of personal computing.
    - Steve Jobs: Tell me something else I don't know.”

    Seth Rogen - Steve Wozniak
    Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs