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  • “- Tony Montana: Bet you feel good, huh? Bet you feel good to kill a mother and her kids, huh, bet you feel big...
    - Alberto The Shadow: Shut your mouth!
    - Tony Montana: ...Like, you big man. Well, fuck you. What do you think I am? You think I'd kill two kids and a woman? Fuck that! I don't need that shit in my life.
    You die, motherfucker!
    [Tony...” (continue)
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    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    Mark Margolis - Alberto The Shadow
  • “- Gus: We need to find a boyfriend for Paris.
    - Panos: How about Ariana Skoufis's boy, huh?
    - Gus: Everybody on that island has six toes.
    - Panos: Let's wait until summer. We check his feet.”

    Michael Constantine - Gus
    Mark Margolis - Panos
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  • “- Sol Robeson: Now, what is the moral of the story?
    - Maximillian Cohen: That a breakthrough will come.
    - Sol Robeson: Wrong! The point of the story is the wife. You listen to your wife, she will give you perspective, meaning. You need a break, you have to take a bath or you will get nowhere.”

    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson
    Sean Gullette - Maximillian Cohen
  • “You want to find the number 216 in the world, you will be able to find it everywhere. 216 steps from a mere street corner to your front door. 216 seconds you spend riding on the elevator. When your mind becomes obsessed with anything, you will filter everything else out and find that thing everywhere.”
    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson
  • “I think New Mexico is the one place where I could almost live there. It helps your acting; there's magic in that place.”
    Mark Margolis
  • “You don't play villains like they are villains. You play them like you know exactly where they are coming from.”
    Mark Margolis
  • “Honestly, all of 'Breaking Bad' was the best television experience of my entire life - the writing, the crew, the other actors.”
    Mark Margolis
  • “There will be no order, only chaos.”
    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson
    [Tag:chaos, order]
  • “As soon as you discard scientific rigor, you're no longer a mathematician, you're a numerologist.”
    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson
  • “That is the truth of our world, Max. It can't be easily summed up with math.”
    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson
  • “The Ancient Japanese considered the Go board to be a microcosm of the universe. Although when it is empty it appears to be simple and ordered, in fact, the possibilities of gameplay are endless. They say that no two Go games have ever been alike. Just like snowflakes. So, the Go board actually represents an extremely complex and chaotic universe.”
    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson
  • “- Bartender Red: Your life could be a whole lot simpler if you could learn to operate a VCR.
    - Luther Whitney: Truer words were never spoken.”

    Mark Margolis - Red Brandsford
    Clint Eastwood - Luther Whitney
  • “- Sol Robeson: This is insanity, Max.
    - Maximillian Cohen: Or maybe it's genius.”

    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson
    Sean Gullette - Maximillian Cohen
    [Tag:genius, madness]
  • “The king asks Archimedes to determine if a present he's received is actually solid gold. Unsolved problem at the time. It tortures the great Greek mathematician for weeks - insomnia haunts him and he twists and turns in his bed for nights on end. Finally, his equally exhausted wife - she's forced to share a bed with this genius - convinces him...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Mark Margolis - Sol Robeson