“Arthur” quotes

Movie Arthur
Title Arthur
Year 1981
Director Steve Gordon
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Even if Arthur Bach is a grown-up man, he lazily spends his days going from the night club to the restaurant and to car racing. His only problem is to spend money, since he is the son of a billionaire and he’s waiting his dad’s inheritance. The only condition is that he has to unwillingly marry Susan, daughter of a rich industrialist. One day, Arthur meets Linda, he follows her and he falls in love with her. Their relationship isn’t meant to be though, since she is a saleswoman and the daughter of an unemployed man.
All actors – Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, John Gielgud, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Jill Eikenberry, Stephen Elliott, Ted Ross, Barney Martin, Thomas Barbour, Anne De Salvo, Marjorie Barnes, Dillon Evans, Maurice Copeland, Justine Johnston, Paul Vincent, Mary Alan Hokanson, Paul Gleason, Phyllis Somerville, Irving Metzman, Joe Doolan, John Doolan, Melissa Ballan, Florence Tarlow, Lou Jacobi, Gordon Press, Bob Maroff, Marcella Lowery, Jerome Collamore, Mark Fleischman, Helen Hanft, John Bentley, Raymond Serra, Peter Evans, Dominic Guastaferro, Phil Oxnam, Richard Hamilton, George Riddle, Lawrence Tierney, Bobo Lewis, B. Constance Barry, Kurt Schlesinger, , Bella Jarrett, Steve James, Debra Lass, Mark Margolis, Judi Passeltiner
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