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Movie Cocoon
Ron Howard directed this movie in 1985
Title Cocoon
Year 1985
Director Ron Howard
Genre Sci-Fi
Plot – One hundred centuries ago, Antareans came from outer space and created their base in Atlantis. Once the continent disappeared, twenty of them sacrificed themselves by disappearing into the depths of the sea after ensuring that as many of their comrades as possible had boarded a ship for salvation. Walter is an elderly Antarean who is on Earth to retrieve those lost creatures. For a month he rents a boat captained by Jack Bonner which had previously been used for deep sea fishing and, for the same period of time, he rents the pool at a retirement home for rich people. Every day Walter and his team go to sea, look for and recover huge boulders encrusted with shells and corals from the ocean depths. Once back to shore, they are accurately deposited in the pool. Three old men, Art, Ben and Joe, who live in the retirement home, are not happy to give up their pool time. So they secretly go to the pool and begin to wonder where the strange artifacts come from and what are they. Jack is also intrigued, but the responses of the beautiful mysterious girl on board are evasive. The girl, moreover, emanates a light ray from her eyes that one day knocks down the curious man. One of the old men, Ben, at one point asks to speak with Walter, who decides to reveal the purpose of his mission and allows Ben and his friends to swim in the pool, but in absolute secrecy. However, the secret does not remain a secret for long. The wives speak to each other, deducing that the water might have the same magical effects as an "elixir" of youth. So everyone goes to the pool, feel energetic and then goes dancing, especially spry Joe: he had been left by his wife Alma, who now thinks the man has lost his mind. One day, however, the pool is too full and Walter sends them all away. Left alone with his collaborators, he opens the enormous strange cocoons to discover the remains of ten-thousand-year-old Antareans inside. After Ben apologizes to Walter for betraying his secret, many of the old men help Walter to rebury the giant cocoons under the sea. At this point, Walter makes Ben a stunning proposal: to take thirty guests of the retirement home "up there" where they will enjoy incomparable and eternal welfare. The prospect fascinates everybody: Ben and his wife Mary will leave their daughter and their grandson David; Art will distribute his money in the streets; Alma will return to her husband Joe. Everyone seems overjoyed. Meanwhile a lunar eclipse is arriving. On the eve of the dark night, all the elderly people sneak away from their homes and they embark on Jack's boat, ready for the great adventure. However, surprised by the sadness and reticence of David, to whom his grandfather Ben has reveled that they will not see each other ever again, Ben's daughter decides to call the police and coastguard to restrain the gang of crazy old people. David makes a daring jump to get on his grandfather's boat, but he is thrown back into the sea with a life buoy as there is no place for youngsters, neither on the boat nor on the gigantic spaceship that is landing. Walter generously compensates Jack for the loss of his beautiful boat and Jack is dropped on an inflatable raft, while all the elders are sucked into the ship's belly. Remaining behind are David, who knows his grandfather's secret, and Jack, who the girl promised with a kiss to try and find if she ever returned. Police and various relatives will believe that the eclipse and the mist have tragically made the boat disappear.
All actors – Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn, Brian Dennehy, Jack Gilford, Steve Guttenberg, Maureen Stapleton, Jessica Tandy, Gwen Verdon, Herta Ware, Tahnee Welch, Barret Oliver
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