“Road Trip” quotes

Movie Road Trip
Todd Phillips directed this movie in 2000
Title Road Trip
Year 2000
Director Todd Phillips
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – When you already have a stable relationship and you’re having sex with a different person from the one you’re engaged to, you’re not cheating if you’re in a place with another area code. If you’re too upset to remember it, it’s not cheating because maybe it never happened. If you had sex with two people at the same time, it isn’t cheating because the two people nullify each other. However, it is different if you record these events and someone sends the video to your girlfriend by mistake. Once the sin gets discovered, Josh leaves for a long journey from Ithaca, near New York, to Austin to save his true relationship.
All actors – Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, Paulo Costanzo, DJ Qualls, Rachel Blanchard, Anthony Rapp, Fred Ward, Tom Green, Andy Dick, Ethan Suplee, Horatio Sanz, Rhoda Griffis, Marla Sucharetza, Ellen Albertini Dow, Edmund Lyndeck, Jessica Cauffiel, Kohl Sudduth, Wendell B. Harris Jr., Rini Bell, Jaclyn DeSantis, Aliya Campbell, Kim Fox, Patricia Gaul, Richie Dye, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Tim Ware, Julia Wright, Paula Claire Jones, Richard Peterson, Phe Caplan, Avery Kidd Waddell, Omar J. Dorsey, Preston Wigasi Brant, Mia Amber Davis, Jimmy Kimmel, Bethany Sacks, Charlie McWade, Todd Barry, Bill Rowell, Bill Gribble, Guenevere Rodriguez, Al Wiggins, Lisa Chyn, Daniel Emery Taylor, Rachel Marinacci, Bob Place, Frank Girardeau, Marla Malcolm, Matt Walsh, John Ross Bowie, Cristen Coppen, Cleo King, Lori Beth Sikes, Kellie Garrigan, Michael Cornier, Frank Cooper, Mark Bez, Andrew Fowler, Paul Simpson, Krew Keth, Marc Gordon, Tharon Johnson, Raymond DeLoatch, Will Aklin, Calvin J. Wilson, Benjamin Booker, Bridgett Wise, Aerica D'Amaro, Todd Phillips, Deborah Zoe, The K.G.B., Johnny Genius, Moses, Tom Peyton, Ben Kramer, Eric Tobias, Aviva, Cameron Beach, Valeisha Butterfield, Randall Carlton, Doshia Darmane, Matt Fowler, Adam Fristoe, Benjamin Gravitt, Mandy Lauderdale, Summer LeAnn, Ron Marino, Relton McBurrows, Patrick Millsaps, Muretta Moss, Jacob Moyer Moats, Shanda Lee Munson, Kendra Myers, Casey Nelson, Ernest Peterson, Byron Purvis, Noah Ray, Michael South, Jim Spann, Jonathan Thompson, Alex Watson, Heather Worley
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