“Apt Pupil” quotes

Movie Apt Pupil
Bryan Singer directed this movie in 1998
Title Apt Pupil
Year 1998
Director Bryan Singer
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Todd Bowen is a high school student, particularly impressed about the Holocaust. Driven by curiosity, Todd studies by his own. On the bus, he notices an elderly man who looks like a SS officer he has seen in a photo. He discovers the man is Kurt Dussander, a Nazi criminal who has immigrated in the US illegally and is living under the name of Arthur Denker. Todd introduces himself and tells him he knows his true identity. Very bravely, the teenager forces the man to tell about what he had done in the past, promising not to reveal his identity. Dussander accepts, but then suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized. There some federal agents ensure his identity, leaving Todd to perpetuate Dussander's precepts.
All actors – Brad Renfro, Ian McKellen, Joshua Jackson, Mickey Cottrell, Michael Reid MacKay, Ann Dowd, Bruce Davison, James Karen, Marjorie Lovett, David Cooley, Blake Anthony Tibbetts, Heather McComb, Katherine Malone, Grace Sinden, David Schwimmer, Anthony Moore, Elias Koteas, Kevin Spirtas, Michael Byrne, Danna Dennis, Jan Tríska, Joe Morton, Michael Artura, Donna Marie Brown, Mark Flythe, Warren Wilson, Jill Harris, Norbert D. Singer, Mildred Singer, Mary Ottman, Darrell Britt, Robert 'Duckie' Carpenter, Richard Dunn, Joseph Ashton Montgomery, Phaedra Neitzel
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  • “- Todd Bowden: Bergen-Belsen, January '43 to June '43. Auschwitz, June '43 to June '44. Then you went to Patin. After that you disappeared, but then in 1965 you were spotted in West Berlin.
    - Kurt Dussander: Listen, boy... I don't have time for this game. Now get out of here before I call the police.
    - Todd Bowden: Call them if you want. I'm...” (continue)
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    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden
    Sir Ian McKellen - Kurt Dussander
    [Tag:guilt, past, police]
  • “- Kurt Dussander:The indignities I've suffered with you, I should smash you.
    - Todd Bowden: What you've suffered with me is nothing compared to what the Israelis would do to you.”

    Sir Ian McKellen - Kurt Dussander
    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden
  • “90,000 died in Patin. To the whole world, I am a monster. And you have known about me all this time. If I'm caught, when those reporters stick their microphones in my face it will be your name that I will repeat over and over again. Todd Bowden, Todd Bowden... Todd Bowden, yes, that was his name. For how long, for months, almost a year, he...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Sir Ian McKellen - Kurt Dussander
    [Tag:blame, guilt]
  • “- Todd Bowden: I want to hear about it.
    - Kurt Dussander: Hear about what?
    - Todd Bowden: The stories. Everything.
    - Kurt Dussander: What everything?
    - Todd Bowden: Everything they're afraid to show us in school. You were there. You did those things. No one can tell it better than you can.”

    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden
    Sir Ian McKellen - Kurt Dussander
  • “To have someone in your control. To have them know that they are alive only because you have not decided to the contrary. Do you have that power? Ask yourself. It's not an easy question, I think you know that.”
    Sir Ian McKellen - Kurt Dussander
    [Tag:commanding, power]
  • “- Todd Bowden: What did it feel like?
    - Kurt Dussander: It was something that had to be done. A door had been opened and couldn't be shut. It was the end... You don't understand.”

    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden
    Sir Ian McKellen - Kurt Dussander
    [Tag:duty, killing, nazism]
  • “All of us have heard the story of Icarus, the young boy who took the wings his father built for him. Wings that were meant to carry him over the ocean to freedom and used them instead for a joyride. For a brief moment Icarus felt what it was like to live like a god, to touch the sun, to soar above the common man. And for doing so he payed the...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden
  • “All great achievements arose from dissatisfaction. It is the desire to do better, to dig deeper that propels a civilization to greatness.”
    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden
  • “- Isaac Weiskopf: When you were a boy, what did you do for fun?
    - Dan Richler: Went to the movies. Why, what did you do?
    - Isaac Weiskopf: I used to chase girls. And now I chase old men.”

    Jan Tríska - Isaac Weiskopf
    Joe Morton - Dan Richler
    [Tag:enjoyment, youth]
  • “You're going to be infamous, boy, take my word for it. And do you know what such a scandal can do? It never goes away. Not for you, not for your parents. And besides, lying to judges and reporters isn't as easy as you think. You'd have to be brilliant. Can you do that? I know I can.”

    Sir Ian McKellen - Kurt Dussander
  • “We alone decide how our talents are bestowed upon the world. This is our destiny and we hold it in the palm of our hands.”
    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden
  • “Like Icarus we too have been given gifts: knowledge, education, experience. And with these gifts comes the responsibility of choice.”
    Brad Renfro - Todd Bowden