“Hannah and Her Sisters” quotes

Movie Hannah and Her Sisters
Woody Allen directed this movie in 1986
Title Hannah and Her Sisters
Year 1986
Director Woody Allen
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Hannah, Holly and Lee are three sisters who live in New York. Hannah is the funny wife of Elliott, a tax consultant, and before she was married to Mickey, a hypochondriac and unsettled screenwriter who left her because he thought he couldn’t have children. Now Hannah has 4 children, but she kept friendly relations with the ex-husband and wants her sister Holly to marry him. The third sister is the young Lee, who lives with Frederick, a grouchy painter older than her. However, Elliott falls in love with Lee and they begin a passionate love story that the other people don’t even suspect. Meanwhile, Mickey tries to date Holly, but his attempts are frozen by his idea to have brain cancer. Mickey recovers, while Elliott isn’t brave enough to tell his wife the truth nor to leave her, so Lee breaks up with him to date a fellow student. Holly writes a good novel and hopes to be successful also thanks to Mickey’s support, who realizes to love his ex-sister-in-law. During Thanksgiving dinner, everyone seems to be happy: Elliott is back again with Hannah after the affair, Lee is dating the student and Holly and Mickey have just married. Moreover, Mickey is particularly happy because Holly is pregnant, despite the worrying diagnosis.
All actors – Barbara Hershey, Carrie Fisher, Michael Caine, Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest, Maureen O'Sullivan, Lloyd Nolan, Max von Sydow, Woody Allen, Lewis Black, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christian Clemenson, Julie Kavner, J.T. Walsh, John Turturro, Rusty Magee, Allen DeCheser, Artie DeCheser, Ira Wheeler, Richard Jenkins, Tracy Kennedy, Fred Melamed, Benno Schmidt, Joanna Gleason, Maria Chiara, Daniel Stern, Stephen De Fluiter, The 39 Steps, Bobby Short, Rob Scott, Beverly Peer, Daisy Previn, Moses Farrow, Paul Bates, Carrotte, Mary Pappas, Bernie Leighton, Ken Costigan, Helen Miller, Leo Postrel, Susan Gordon-Clark, William Sturgis, Daniel Haber, Verna O. Hobson, John Doumanian, Fletcher Farrow Previn, Irwin J. Tenenbaum, Amy Greenhill, Dickson Shaw, Marje Sheridan, Ivan Kronenfeld, , Chris Barry, Michael Bramon, Joe Cerratto, Pierre Major, Branden Marlowe, Richard Paul, Soon-Yi Previn, Tony Roberts, Sam Waterston
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