“Meet The Parents” quotes

Movie Meet The Parents
Title Meet The Parents
Original title Meet the Parents
Year 2000
Director Jay Roach
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Greg Focker is madly in love with his girlfriend Pam and he is ready to take the plunge. However, a phone call announcing the wedding of Pam’s younger sister forces him to postpone his proposal. Then Greg realizes that to get the girl's hand he has first to gain the confidence of her incredible father, Jack Byrnes. The trip to New York for the wedding of Pam's sister seems to be the best opportunity to propose properly, but things don’t get well. When he arrives at the Byrnes’ house, Greg finds a way too much perfect family: husband and wife get on well together, their three sons are crazy about them and there is even a cat that everyone adores. For a guy like Greg, used to avail himself of a biting sense of humor and sarcasm to fight nervousness, it is not exactly the ideal situation. Soon he has to face Jack, a retired horticulturist, convinced that no man is clever enough to marry her eldest daughter. Moreover Greg is a nurse, an enemy of cats and he has also a name that sounds rather vulgar: things go wrong from the start.
All actors – Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, Nicole DeHuff, Jon Abrahams, Owen Wilson, James Rebhorn, Thomas McCarthy, Phyllis George, Kali Rocha, Bernie Sheredy, Judah Friedlander, Peter Bartlett, John Elsen, Mark Hammer, Amy Hohn, William Severs, John Fiore, Marilyn Dobrin, Marci Reid, Frank Santorelli, Russell Hornsby, Patricia Cook, Cody Arens, Cole Hawkins, Spencer Breslin, Ina Rosenthal, Kim Rideout, Kresh Novakovic, John Joseph Gallagher, G.A. Aguilar, Lynn Ann Castle, Robbie Bryan, Phillip V. Caruso, Alan Francis, Jon M. McDonnell, Erik-Anders Nilsson, Buzz Visconti, Todd Wall
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