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Movie Tommy Boy
Peter Segal directed this movie in 1995
Title Tommy Boy
Year 1995
Director Peter Segal
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – In Sandusky, Ohio, young fatso Tommy Callahan’s, before even having a chance to receive his father’s congratulations for his graduation and congratulate in turn to him on his marriage with lovely Beverly (who provides him among other things Paul, his brother) sees his father Tom die on his wedding day, as a result of an excessive singing performance. Left on his own to lead the family’s automobile parts business, Tommy must absolutely get a certain number of orders, otherwise Callahan Auto Parts will be absorbed into Zalinski’s company. He is shadowed by Richard Hayden, his father’s right-hand man, who thinks Tommy isn’t worth a bit because of his disastrous beginning. Meanwhile Michelle, who manages the deliveries and is fond of Tommy, recognizes an unusual affectionate attitude between Beverly and Paul, so she engages her policeman brother. Tommy manages among his sales failures to set fire to a client’s office and destroy Richard’s car, that gets definitely destroyed by a deer who was previously run over and that molds the sedan into a ramshackle coupe. Fortunately Tommy starts to be a valuable seller and increases the number of orders. But Paul sabotages the computer and thwarts the efforts of the two managers of the company, who Beverly and her son want to sell to Zalinski. Right when they are about to sign the incorporation’s papers, Tommy bursts in packed with TNT and followed by a private TV station. He is then able to convince the tycoon not to buy the Callahan Auto Parts and sell its products in his stores instead.
All actors – Chris Farley, David Spade, Brian Dennehy, Bo Derek, Dan Aykroyd, Julie Warner, Sean McCann, Zach Grenier, James Blendick, Clinton Turnbull, Ryder Britton, Paul Greenberg
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