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Douglas Hammer
Armie Hammer
August 28, 1986
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Armie Hammer quotes
  • “Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine.”

    Armie Hammer - Oliver
  • “If your beautiful perversions don't shut the fuck up, I'll turn you into glue!”

    Armie Hammer - Steve Lift
  • “- Oliver: Can I kiss you?
    - Elio: Yes, please.”

    Armie Hammer - Oliver
    Timothée Chalamet - Elio
  • “The Cosmic Fragments by Heraclitus: The meaning of the river flowing is not that all things are changing so that we cannot encounter them twice, but that some things stay the same only by changing.”
    Armie Hammer - Oliver
  • “- Oliver: Is there anything you don't know?
    - Elio: I know nothing, Oliver.
    - Oliver: Well, you seem to know more than anyone else around here.
    - Elio: Well, if you only knew how little I really know about the things that matter.”

    Armie Hammer - Oliver
    Timothée Chalamet - Elio
  • “- Mike: Mayday, mayday, Alpha Margot 4 to Hogsden... Do you copy? Over.
    - Comander Barton: Base camp here. We've been looking for you for hours, Alpha Margot, over.
    - Mike: Copy you, Hogsden. Sir my partner was killed in action, and I'm in critical condition requesting immediate extract with E.O.D. Over.
    - Comander Barton: Define critical, staff...” (continue)
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    Armie Hammer - Mike
    David Kirk Traylor - Comander Barton
    [Tag:danger, trouble]
  • “All marriages have their secrets.”
    Armie Hammer - Maxim de Winter
    [Tag:marriage, secrets]
  • “The reason you’re not high is because your adrenaline is pumping so hard right now, that to be perfectly honest you’re starting to harsh both of our mellows. Okay? So, sit down and just take a breath, man. It’s fucking adrenaline.”

    Armie Hammer - Steve Lift
  • “- Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Which one makes me look more like a Harvard man?
    - Martin Ginsburg: I’m thrilled to report that you look nothing like a Harvard man.
    - Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Seriously, it’s the dean’s dinner, Marty. You know how I am at these things. I need to make a good impression.
    - Martin Ginsburg: And you will, Kiki, but you’ve got it...” (continue)
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    Felicity Jones - Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Armie Hammer - Martin Ginsburg
  • “- Tommy Madison: Mike. Don't get paranoid. Don't let that thing mess with your head.
    - Mike: I'm just reviewing our options.
    - Tommy Madison: We do have two options because we are such lucky guys. Now we can turn around and die of thirst. Or, we can get to that village within the hour, Mike. I know which option I'm taking.”

    Tom Cullen - Tommy Madison
    Armie Hammer - Mike
    [Tag:chance, decision]
  • “- Jackson Storm: You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you.
    - Lightning McQueen: Thanks... Wait, did you say meet or beat?
    - Jackson Storm: I think you heard me.
    - Lightning McQueen: Uh... what?”

    Armie Hammer - Jackson Storm
    Owen Wilson - Lightning McQueen
  • “My next step will be my last...”
    Armie Hammer - Mike
    [Tag:choice, decision]
  • “- Divya Narendra: This is a good guy?
    - Cameron Winklevoss: We don't know that he's not a good guy.
    - Divya Narendra: We know that he stole our idea, we know he lied to our faces for a month and a half!
    - Cameron Winklevoss: No, he never lied to our face.
    - Divya Narendra: Ok, he never saw our faces. Fine he lied to our email accounts!”

    Max Minghella - Divya Narendra
    Armie Hammer - Cameron Winklevoss
    [Tag:honesty, lies]