“Dragnet” quotes

Movie Dragnet
Title Dragnet
Year 1987
Director Tom Mankiewicz
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Joe Friday is a calm cop from Los Angeles, who has to work with Pep, a lively and unscrupulous young man. While they are investigating Jerry Caesar, who traffics pornographic magazines, the two cops have to face Reverend Whirley, who looks like a puritan, but actually plans to extort a million dollars from Caesar and runs away after the killing of the entire town council. Joe and Pep will foil his plan.
All actors – Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks, Christopher Plummer, Harry Morgan, Alexandra Paul, Jack O'Halloran, Elizabeth Ashley, Dabney Coleman, Kathleen Freeman, Bruce Gray, Lenka Peterson, Julia Jennings, Lisa Aliff, Joe Altmark, Nina Arvesen, Fred Asparagus, Peter Aykroyd, Larry Bilzarian, Jim Boeke, Sandra Canning, William Chalmers, Donald Craig, Karen Criswell, Josh Cruze, Jennifer Curry, Gray Daniels, Gary Lee Davis, Susan Deemer, Juliana Donald, Sandra Eng, Ava Fabian, Kimberly Foster, Ruben Garfias, Sharon Gilchrist, Chester Grimes, Bert Hinchman, D.D. Howard, Peter Leeds, Margaret Lenzey, Lori Leonelli, Lisa London, Kent MacLachlan, Christopher Mankiewicz, Maurice Marsac, Marshall Maurice Mitchell, Stuart Quan, Ingrid M. Rhoads, Casey Sander, Billy Ray Sharkey, Jimmie F. Skaggs, John Walton Smith Jr., Dona Speir, Chuck Thornton, Bill Wittman, Meg Wyllie, Richard Partlow, Harry Perry, Shannon Tweed, Sydney Urshan
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