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Movie Emma
Title Emma
Year 1996
Director Douglas McGrath
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Emma Woodhouse is a beautiful, intelligent and self-satisfied girl who lives with her widowed father in Highbury. Determined to arrange marriages, she takes under her wings Harriet Smith, a girl who can’t get into the good society. Jane Austen was a writer who, along with an astonishing description ability, had the grace of malice. Furthermore McGrath's screenplay is not like Thompson’s one and the actors act like if they wouldn’t feel their role. Instead of a relentless novel, the movie is about an irritating heroine.
All actors – Gwyneth Paltrow, James Cosmo, Greta Scacchi, Alan Cumming, Denys Hawthorne, Sophie Thompson, Jeremy Northam, Toni Collette, Kathleen Byron, Phyllida Law, Edward Woodall, Brett Miley, Brian Capron, Karen Westwood, Paul Williamson, Polly Walker, Rebecca Craig, Ewan McGregor, Angela Down, John Franklyn-Robbins, Juliet Stevenson, Ruth Jones, Lee Boardman
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