“Sudden Death” quotes

Movie Sudden Death
Peter Hyams directed this movie in 1995
Title Sudden Death
Year 1995
Director Peter Hyams
Genre Crime, Thriller, Action
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Plot – The Pittsburg "Penguins" play an important ice hockey game against the Chicago "Blackhawks". The stadium is sold out and the Vice President is also present, but Joshua Foss has plotted to foil everything. He takes hostage the Vice President and a group of guests, requesting a billion dollars and threatening to kill all the hostages. Among them there's also Emily, whose father Darren McCord is a fireman. Despite the soldiers and FBI agents, McCord faces the criminal alone.
All actors – Jean-Claude Van Damme, Powers Boothe, Raymond J. Barry, Whittni Wright, Ross Malinger, Dorian Harewood, Kate McNeil, Michael Gaston, Audra Lindley, Brian Delate, Steve Aronson, Michael R. Aubele
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  • Here's the game and here are the rules. You've got your hostages and you've got your bombs, so you can get your money. I'm gonna try to stop you, but I don't want anyone to get hurt. You stop me, you win. I get your bombs, I win. That's the game I'm gonna play, you piece of shit. Now, if you touch her, the game's off. Then I'll come after you....” (continue)(continue reading)

    Jean-Claude Van Damme - Darren McCord
    [Tag:game, rules, terrorism]
  • “- Vice President: What do you want?
    - Joshua Foss: What do I want? World peace, an end to bigotry, and no more mini-malls. What am I gonna get? And I am gonna get it. That, boys and girls, is really hot.”

    Raymond J. Barry - Vice President
    Powers Boothe - Joshua Foss
  • “- Play-by-Play Announcer: It's so loud in here, I can barely hear myself think.
    - Color Commentator: You don't have to think, Mike. It's hockey.”

    Mike Lange - Play-by-Play Announcer
    Paul Steigerwald - Color Commentator
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  • “- Joshua Foss: Enough bombs have been planted in this building to stop all the clocks in the hemisphere.
    - Vice President: You'll die with us.
    - Joshua Foss: Could be.
    - Mrs. Baldwin: I don't think anyone with manicured fingernails wearing a ten-thousand-dollar wristwatch is planning on blowing himself up.”

    Powers Boothe - Joshua Foss
    Raymond J. Barry - Vice President
    Diane Robin - Mrs. Baldwin
  • “I'm truly disappointed. Nobody does anything these days 'cause it's right, they only do it if you make them.”
    Powers Boothe - Joshua Foss
  • “- Vice President: What kind of lunatic are you?
    - Joshua Foss: The best kind!”

    Raymond J. Barry - Vice President
    Powers Boothe - Joshua Foss
  • “- Hallmark: Have you had any contact with the aggressors?
    - Darren McCord: I killed two. Is that contact?”

    Dorian Harewood - Hallmark
    Jean-Claude Van Damme - Darren McCord
  • “- Vice President: That agent's name was Eddie Kaline. He has a five-year-old boy, a three-year-old little girl, and his wife's pregnant.
    - Joshua Foss: I'll send a card.”

    Raymond J. Barry - Vice President
    Powers Boothe - Joshua Foss
  • “I know just what you're thinking: evaluate the situation, calculate potential losses, and take appropriate action. Well, let me do that for you: situation is hopeless, losses would be... unacceptable, so the appropriate action is for you to do nothing and keep your fucking mouth shut.”

    Powers Boothe - Joshua Foss
    [Tag:risk, strategy]
  • “Dead heroes get the best funerals.”
    Powers Boothe - Joshua Foss
    [Tag:funeral, heroes, honor]
  • “He hit his head on the ice. He hit it so hard that his kids will be born dizzy.”

    Mike Lange - Play-by-Play Announcer
  • “- Tyler McCord: Hey, that's Brad Tolliver! Dad, he doesn't have a rocking chair.
    - Tolliver: A what?
    - Tyler McCord: My dad said you should be sitting in a rocking chair instead of on the ice.”

    Ross Malinger - Tyler McCord
    Jay Caufield - Tolliver
    [Tag:scorn, sport]