“High Spirits” quotes

Movie High Spirits
Neil Jordan directed this movie in 1988
Title High Spirits
Original title HighSpirits
Year 1988
Director Neil Jordan
Genre Comedy, Fantasy
Plot – Deep in debt to an American, the last descendant of a noble Irish family, Peter Plunkett, transforms his castle among swamps and moors into a hotel for wealthy tourists and thrill seekers and is helped in this by waiters and laborers who pose as ghosts. A group of American tourists arrives and they are given their rooms among the old things of the uncomfortable manor where, starting from the first evening, there are the pathetic apparitions of the fake ghosts. However, the real ghosts resume force, especially the couple Mary and Martin, who for two centuries, night after night, have been doomed to repeat the scene of him stabbing his bride-to-be on their wedding day; he wrongly considered her unfaithful and she is constantly crying. Then the roles are interwoven and exchanged with real people: the blonde Sharon, daughter of the American creditor, who wants to become the owner of the Irish castle, is seduced by Martin, while Mary falls in love with Jack - Sharon's husband - who, given the many problems with Sharon, returns her feelings. Plunkett, drinking whiskey, organizing appalling cod fish dinners and thinking about his uncertain future, hovers among the characters. The tourists, soon annoyed and disappointed, depart; the fake ghosts go back to their roles as servants and gardeners and the castle most likely will not fall into American hands.
All actors – Peter O'Toole, Donal McCann, Mary Coughlan, Liz Smith, Tom Hickey, Tony Rohr, Hilary Reynolds, Isolde Cazelet, Little John Nee, Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D'Angelo, Jennifer Tilly
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