“Prometheus” quotes

Movie Prometheus
Sir Ridley Scott directed this movie in 2012
Title Prometheus
Year 2012
Director Ridley Scott
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery
Plot – The Prometheus spaceship arrives after a long journey on the LV-233 planet. The crew has to track down the "Engineers", a humanoid alien species who gave rise to the human race on Earth.
All actors – Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Logan Marshall-Green, Sean Harris, Rafe Spall, Emun Elliott, Benedict Wong, Kate Dickie, Branwell Donaghey, Vladimir 'Furdo' Furdik, C.C. Smiff, Shane Steyn, Ian Whyte, John Lebar, Daniel James, Patrick Wilson, Lucy Hutchinson, Giannina Facio-Scott, Anil Biltoo, Louisa Staples, James Embree, Florian Robin, Matthew Burgess, Eugene O'Hare, Richard Thomson, Philip McGinley, Jenny Rainsford, Rhona Croker, Wambui Wa-Ngatho, Wannaporn Rienjang, Zed Sevcikova, Sonam Dugdak, Reynir Thor Eggertsson, Shin-Ichiro Okajima, Charalambos Dendrinos, Berhane Woldegabriel, Annie Penn, Robin Atkin Downes, , Harry Fowler, Ian MacNaughton, Peter O'Toole, Matt Rook, Stuart Saunders
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  • “- Charlie Holloway: What we hoped to achieve was to meet our makers. To get answers. Why they even made us in the first place.
    - David: Why do you think your people made me?
    - Charlie Holloway: We made you because we could.
    - David: Can you imagine how disappointing it would be for you to hear the same thing from your creator?
    - Charlie Holloway...” (continue)
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    Logan Marshall-Green - Charlie Holloway
    Michael Fassbender - David
    [Tag:creation, irony]
  • “- Charlie Holloway: I guess you can take your father’s cross off now.
    - Elizabeth Shaw: Why would I wanna do that?
    - Charlie Holloway: Because they made us.
    - Elizabeth Shaw: And who made them?
    - Charlie Holloway: Well, exactly. We’ll never know. But here’s what we do know. That there is nothing special about the creation of life. Right? Anybody...” (continue)
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    Logan Marshall-Green - Charlie Holloway
    Noomi Rapace - Elizabeth Shaw
    [Tag:faith, science]
  • “- Ravel: No radio, no feed source.
    - Millburn: Nobody’s home!
    - David: There is nothing in the desert, and no man is nothing.
    - Ford: What is that?
    - David: Just something from a film I like.”

    Benedict Wong - Ravel
    Rafe Spall - Millburn
    Michael Fassbender - David
    Kate Dickie - Ford
    [Tag:desert, movie, radio]
  • “- Charlie Holloway: Um, Miss Vickers, is there an agenda that you're not telling us about?
    - Meredith Vickers: My company paid a trillion dollars to find this place and to bring you here. Had you raised the monies yourself, Mr. Holloway, we'd happily be pursuing your agenda. But you didn't. And that makes you an employee.”

    Logan Marshall-Green - Charlie Holloway
    Charlize Theron - Meredith Vickers
    [Tag:job, money, sarcasm]
  • “- Janek: No matter what happens down there, I can't bring none of that shit back home with us. Can't let it happen. And I'll do whatever I have to to see that it doesn't.
    - Elizabeth Shaw: Make sure you do, captain.”

    Idris Elba - Janek
    Noomi Rapace - Elizabeth Shaw
    [Tag:danger, duty, promises]
  • “- Young Shaw: Why did he die?
    - Shaw’s Father: Sooner or later everyone does.
    - Young Shaw: Like mommy?
    - Shaw’s Father: Like mommy.
    - Young Shaw: Where do they go?
    - Shaw’s Father: Everyone has their own word; heaven, paradise. Whatever it’s called, it’s someplace beautiful.
    - Young Shaw: How do you know it’s beautiful?
    - Shaw’s Father: Cause...” (continue)
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    Lucy Hutchinson - Young Shaw
    Patrick Wilson - Shaw's Father
  • “At this moment of our civilization, we can create cybernetic individuals, who in just a few short years will be completely indistinguishable from us. Which leads to an obvious conclusion: we are the gods now.”

    Guy Pearce - Peter Weyland
  • “- Elizabeth Shaw: We call them Engineers.
    - Milburn: Do you mind telling us what they engineered?
    - Elizabeth Shaw: They engineered us.”

    Noomi Rapace - Elizabeth Shaw
    Rafe Spall - Millburn
  • “Final report of the vessel Prometheus. The ship and her entire crew are gone. If you're receiving this transmission, make no attempt to come to its point of origin. There is only death here now, and I'm leaving it behind. It is New Year's Day, the year of our Lord, 2094. My name is Elisabeth Shaw, last survivor of the Prometheus. And I am still...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Noomi Rapace - Elizabeth Shaw
  • “War, poverty, cruelty, unneccessary violence. I understand human emotions, although I do not feel them myself.”

    Michael Fassbender - David
  • “Big things have small beginnings.”
    Michael Fassbender - David
  • “Good morning. I am Meredith Vickers, and it is my job to make sure you do yours.”
    Charlize Theron - Meredith Vickers
    [Tag:irony, job, name]
  • “To those of you who know me: you will be aware by now that my ambition is unlimited. You know that I will settle for nothing short of greatness, or I will die trying. To those of you who do not yet know me: allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peter Weyland, and if you'll indulge me, I'd like to change the world.”

    Guy Pearce - Peter Weyland
    [Tag:arrogance, name, power]
  • - Elizabeth Shaw: What happens when Weyland is not around to program you anymore?
    - David: I suppose I'll be free.
    - Elizabeth Shaw: You want that?
    - David: "Want"? Not a concept I'm familiar with. That being said, doesn't everyone want their parents dead?
    - Elizabeth Shaw: I didn't.

    Noomi Rapace - Elizabeth Shaw
    Michael Fassbender - David
  • “- Millburn: Is that tobacco? Is that tobacco in your respirator?
    - Fifield: Yeah, sure.
    - [takes a puff]
    - Fifield: Tobacco.
    - Millburn: On the behalf of scientists everywhere, I am ashamed to count you amongst us, Fifield. Really.”

    Rafe Spall - Millburn
    Sean Harris - Fifield
  • - Janek: You know, if you wanna get laid, you really don't have to pretend to be interested in the pyramid scan. I mean, you could just say, "Hey, I'm trying to get laid." Heh.
    - Meredith Vickers: I could. I could say that, right? But then it wouldn't make sense why I would fly myself half a billion miles from every man on Earth if I wanted to... (continue)
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    Idris Elba - Janek
    Charlize Theron - Meredith Vickers
    [Tag:sarcasm, sex]