“The Happening” quotes

Movie The Happening
M. Night Shyamalan directed this movie in 2008
Title The Happening
Year 2008
Director M. Night Shyamalan
Genre Sci-Fi, Thriller
Plot – A terrible natural disaster of immense dimensions is announced by the mysterious disappearance of all the bees. No one understands what 's going on and people think it's a terrorist chemical attack. Many American families decide to flee and the only thing people know is that everyone can die by a mysterious and unexplained death, without distinction.
All actors – Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, Ashlyn Sanchez, Betty Buckley, Spencer Breslin, Robert Bailey Jr., Frank Collison, Jeremy Strong, Alan Ruck, Victoria Clark, M. Night Shyamalan, Alison Folland, Kristen Connolly, Cornell Womack, Curtis McClarin, Robert Lenzi, Derege Harding, Kerry O'Malley, Shayna Levine, Stéphane Debac, Cyrille Thouvenin, Babita Hariani, Alicia Taylor, Edward James Hyland, Armand Schultz, Stephen Singer, Sophie Burke, Alex Van Kooy, Charlie Saxton, Kathy Hart, Lisa Furst, Rick Foster, Marc H. Glick, Don Castro, Bill Chemerka, Jann Ellis, Whitney Sugarman, Mary Ellen Driscoll, Greg Wood, Peter Appel, Eoin O'Shea, Michael Quinlan, Lyman Chen, Brian O'Halloran, Megan Grace, Rich Chew, Keith Bullard, Joel de la Fuente, Ashley Brimfield, Mara Hobel, James Breen, Carmen Bitonti, Brian Anthony Wilson, Greg Smith, Ukee Washington, John Ottavino, Sid Doherty, Wes Heywood, Nancy Sokerka, Julia Yorks, Bill Shusta, Kirk Penberthy, Alex Craft, Allie Habberstad, Alexander Emmert, Frank Aptacy, Michael Biscardi, Robert Bizik, Chris Bowyer, Anthony C. Brown, Lee Burkett, Jennifer Butler, Catherine Cahill, Chelsea Connell, Austin Cope, Adam Danoff, Michael Den Dekker, Christian Dorsey, Farris Ellington, Robert Fazio, Ruben Fischman, Leilani Goode, Richard Graves, Thomas M. Hagen, Mark Jacobson, William James Kelly, Steven J. Klaszky, Michael J. Kraycik, Dustin LaValley, Traci Law, Nicole Lee, Roberto Lombardi, Art Lyle, Nicholas Alexander Martino, Chris McMullin, Ken Myers, Mauricio Ovalle, Sophia Paulmier, Charles Pendelton, Nikki Prantil, Mark Pricskett, Vincent Riviezzo, Sam Rocco, Jordan Romero, Megan Rose, Kurt Runkle, Christina Sampson, Ben Samuels, Chuck Schanamann, Adam Schoon, Eugene Smith, Samantha Steffen, Joseph Tornatore, Scott Troost, Jared Uhrich, Dan Van Wert, Catrina Villani, Joseph Villani, Kimberly Villanova, Mike Wilson, John Wooten, Scott Yannick, Stosh Zona
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  • “- Elliot Moore: If we're going to die, I want you to know something. I was in the pharmacy a while ago. There was a really good-looking pharmacist behind the counter. Really good-looking. I went up and asked her where the cough syrup was. I didn't even have a cough, and I almost bought it. I'm talking about a completely superfluous bottle of...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
    Zooey Deschanel - Alma Moore
    [Tag:beauty, mocking]
  • - Elliot Moore: Do you remember our first date? You were so quiet.
    - Alma Moore: You bought me the mood ring.
    - Elliot Moore: It turned purple when you wore it.
    - Alma Moore: Then you said "that means you're in love".
    - Elliot Moore: Got you to talk, didn't it?
    - Alma Moore: But then we checked the little paper chart and it turned out that it... (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
    Zooey Deschanel - Alma Moore
    [Tag:date, feeling]
  • “You know plants have the ability to target specific threats. Tobacco plants when attacked by heliothis caterpillars will send out a chemical attracting wasps to kill just those caterpillars. We don't know how plants obtain these abilities, they just evolve very rapidly.”
    Frank Collison - Nursery Owner
    [Tag:evolution, plants]
  • “Okay, I was going to tell you, okay? There was this guy Joey. His name is Joey; he's at work. We went out and we had dessert; I went out and had dessert with him when I told you I worked late and I didn't work late and I'm feeling really guilty in case we're gonna die. I just wanted you to know that.”

    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
    [Tag:date, death, honesty]
  • “To be a scientist, you must have a respectful awe for the laws of nature.”
    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
  • “- Mrs. Jones: [to Elliot Moore and Alma Moore] So what's with you two? Who's chasing who?
    - Alma Moore: I'm sorry?
    - Mrs. Jones: Ain't no time two people staring at each other, or standing still, loving both with their eyes are equal. Truth is, someone is chasing someone. That's the way we's built. So, who's chasing?
    [Elliot Moore raises his hand]”

    Betty Buckley - Mrs. Jones
    Zooey Deschanel - Alma Moore
  • “It makes you kill yourself. Just when you thought there couldn't be any more evil that can be invented.”

    Zooey Deschanel - Alma Moore
    [Tag:evil, poison, suicide]
  • “Alright, there appears to be an event happening. Central Park was just hit by what seems to be a terroristattack. They're not clear on the scale yet. It's some kind of airborne chemical toxin that's been released in and around the park. They said to watch for warning signs. The first stage is confused speech. The second stage is physical...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Alan Ruck - Principal
  • “We're packing hot dogs for the road. You know, hot dogs get a bad rep. They gotta cool shape, they got protein.”
    Frank Collison - Nursery Owner
    [Tag:food, reputation]
  • “You should be more interested in science, Jake. You know why? Because your face is perfect. The problem is, your face is perfect at 15. Now if you were interested in science, you would know facts like the human nose and ears grow a fraction of an inch each year. So a perfect balance of features now might not look so perfect five years from now,...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
  • “Science will come up with some reason to put in the books, but in the end it'll be just a theory. I mean, we will fail to acknowledge that there are forces at work beyond our understanding.”
    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
  • Hello. My name is Elliot Moore. I'm just going to talk in a very positive manner, giving off good vibes. We're just here to use the bathroom, and we're just going to leave. I hope that's okay.
    [he touches a leaf]
    Plastic. I'm talking to a plastic plant. I'm still doing it.”

    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
    [Tag:plants, talking]
  • “- Mrs. Jones: Planning on stealing something?
    - Elliot Moore: No, ma'am, we're not.
    - Mrs. Jones: Plan on murdering me in my sleep?
    - Elliot Moore: What? No!”

    Betty Buckley - Mrs. Jones
    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
    [Tag:murder, theft]
  • “- Jared: Got kids?
    - Elliot Moore: No.
    - Jared: How come? You got... a problem?
    - Elliot Moore: No. She wanted to wait.
    - Jared: Really? For what?
    - Elliot Moore: For me to grow up.”

    Robert Bailey Jr. - Jared
    Mark Wahlberg - Elliot Moore
    [Tag:children, waiting]