“Grand Canyon” quotes

Movie Grand Canyon
Lawrence Kasdan directed this movie in 1991
Title Grand Canyon
Year 1991
Director Lawrence Kasdan
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – Mack, a 40-year-old lawyer, has broken down in a rough neighborhood in LA, where he is surrounded by a gang of hooligans. The mechanic Simon saves him and tells him about his life: he was married but now he is separated, he has a deaf daughter and a sister who lives there. A friend of Mack, the producer Davis, gets wounded by a robber who shots him in the leg. After this tragic experience, Davis stops producing violent movies, but as soon as he recovers he goes back to his activity. Mack regrets to have cheated on his wife, who chooses to adopt a baby abandoned in the woods.
All actors – Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Steve Martin, Mary McDonnell, Mary-Louise Parker, Alfre Woodard, Jeremy Sisto, Tina Lifford, Patrick Malone, Randle Mell, Sarah Trigger, Destinee DeWalt
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