“The Lonely Guy” quotes

Movie The Lonely Guy
Title The Lonely Guy
Year 1984
Director Arthur Hiller
Genre Comedy
Plot – Larry Hubbard works in a publishing house writing greeting cards, but he aims to become a writer. When his girlfriend Danielle leaves him, Larry finds himself alone for the first time. One day Larry meets Warren Evans, a sad and dejected man too, and they become friends. When Warren tries to commit suicide, Larry saves him. As he cannot stand loneliness, Larry writes a book about lonely men: it's a success and Larry becomes famous. Danielle comes back but Larry goes on a cruise to forget her. There he finds his friend Jack together with Iris, a woman he met in a bar, and he thinks to commit suicide after knowing they want to get married, but Warren convinces him to stop, because love will come sooner or later.
All actors – Steve Martin, Charles Grodin, Judith Ivey, Steve Lawrence, Robyn Douglass, Merv Griffin, Joyce Brothers, Candi Brough, Randi Brough, Julie Payne, Madison Arnold, Roger Robinson
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