“The Mummy” quotes

Movie The Mummy
Title The Mummy
Year 1999
Director Stephen Sommers
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Plot – In 1719 b.C. in Thebes, Egypt, a forbidden love blossoms between the mean high priest Imhotep and Anck On Namum, Pharaoh's mistress. Anck kills herself and Imhotep abandons himself to desperate acts in Hamunaptra, City of the Dead, raising in this way the ire of the gods. The gods impose him a terrible curse for his immoral behavior: his body will be mummified but Imhotep won’t die: he will forever live a haunted existence unless someone doesn’t bring his rotting corpse back to life. The scream of the unfortunate’s pain fade as his coffin is buried in the grave and the curse becomes a reality, while his evil and vengeful heart begins to beat in the dark with a sinister and constant sound.
All actors – Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Kevin J. O'Connor, Jonathan Hyde, Oded Fehr, Erick Avari, Stephen Dunham, Corey Johnson, Tuc Watkins, Omid Djalili, Aharon Ipalé, Bernard Fox, Patricia Velasquez, Carl Chase, Mohammed Afifi, Abderrahim El Aadili, Jake Arnott, Mason Ball, Isobel Brook, James Traherne Burton, Peter Chequer, Porl Smith, Ian Warner, , George Lane Cooper, Sean Cronin, Ray Donn, Howie Dorough, Andrew Elias, Lisa-Beth Harris, Alex Lorre, João Costa Menezes, Taylor Murphy, Jim Templar, Paul Woodadge
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