“Friday” quotes

Movie Friday
F. Gary Gray directed this movie in 1995
Title Friday
Year 1995
Director F. Gary Gray
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – South Central is a Los Angeles’ ghetto and Craig Jones has the misfortune to live there, in a daily and exhausting battle to escape the dangers of a complicated world. However, things don’t always go well and a fateful Friday seems to catalyze bad luck on the young Craig. After having unexpectedly lost his job, Craig has to cope with his best friend Smokey’s problems. In the meantime, her petulant and garrulous girlfriend stirs in the background. Before sunset, Craig has to help his friend to come out unscathed from the mess he created, to find a new job before the parents send him away from home and to escape the jealous scenes of the hysterical girlfriend, surviving the last-ditch fight with the boss of the neighborhood Don Deebo.
All actors – Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, John Witherspoon, Anna Maria Horsford, Regina King, Paula Jai Parker, Faizon Love, DJ Pooh, Angela Means, Vickilyn Reynolds
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  • I got mind control over Deebo. He be like "shut the fuck up". I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
  • “Boy, bring your ass up in here. What you talkin' 'bout, you wait 'til I come out? I smelled your shit for 22 years, now you can smell mine for five minutes.”

    John Witherspoon - Mr. Jones
  • “- Craig Jones: I ain't trying to be no dog-catcher!
    - Mr. Jones: Why not?
    - Craig Jones: I don't even like dogs!
    - Mr. Jones: That's the beauty of it! I grab a dog, and I choke him, and I kick the shit out of him! All day long, my foot up a dog's ass! Just bang-bang-bang up his ass! That's my pleasure.”

    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    John Witherspoon - Mr. Jones
    [Tag:cruelty, dogs]
  • “- Red: Man, why y'all didn't help me?!
    - Smokey: Man, I'm high.
    - Red: Man that's fucked up! If that were y'all, I woulda helped y'all.
    - Craig Jones: What 'bout the time he tried to choke me in Smoke's backyard?
    - Smokey: Yeah?
    - Red: Oh, that was different.”

    DJ Pooh - Red
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
  • “Why don't you tell your daddy to comb his damn hair, look like some spiders is having a meetin' on his head.”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
    [Tag:hair, head]
  • “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey.”
    Faizon Love - Big Worm
  • Weed is from the earth. God put this here for me and you. Take advantage man, take advantage.”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
    [Tag:drugs, god]
  • “- Smokey: I won, gimme my money.
    - Deebo: What money!
    - Smokey: I lost.”

    Chris Tucker - Smokey
    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Deebo
    [Tag:gambling, money]
  • “- Deebo: Come on Smoke, Stanley left his window open.
    - Smokey: I can't I'm on probation.
    - Deebo: Stop being a bitch and come on.”

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Deebo
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
  • “- Mrs. Jones: Now your father... he has game.
    - Mr. Jones: Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes.
    - Craig Jones: You call that game?”

    Anna Maria Horsford - Mrs. Jones
    John Witherspoon - Mr. Jones
    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    [Tag:father, stink]
  • “I know what I'm doin', man! Shut the fuck up!”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
  • “You better get your ass off your shoulders and make that money.”
    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    [Tag:money, working]
  • “Goddamn! You've got to be one stupid motherfucker to get fired on your day off.”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
    [Tag:job, stupidity]
  • “- Craig Jones: Mom, loan me 200 dollars.
    - Mrs. Jones: Craig, I wouldn't feel comfortable lending you money without a job.
    - Craig Jones: If I had a job, I wouldn't need to borrow any money.
    - Mrs. Jones: Exactly.”

    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    Anna Maria Horsford - Mrs. Jones
    [Tag:job, mistrust, money]
  • “I've been smokin' ever since I was two.”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
  • “- Craig Jones: We ain't got no sugar.
    - Smokey: No sugar? Damn. Y'all ain't never got two things that match. Either y'all got Kool-aid, no sugar. Peanut butter, no jelly. Ham, no burger. Daaamn.”

    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
    [Tag:food, harmony]
  • “I know you don't smokeweed, I know this; but I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday, you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do.”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
  • “- Smokey: Older the berry, the sweeter the juice.
    - Craig Jones: Man, it's the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.
    - Smokey: Yeah, well she blacker than a motherfucker too.”

    Chris Tucker - Smokey
    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
    [Tag:fruits, metaphors]
  • “Every time I come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen. In the goddamn refrigerator. Eatin' up all the food. All the chitlins... All the pigs' feet... All the collard greens... All the hog maws. I wanna eat them chitlins... I like pigs' feet.”
    Anna Maria Horsford - Mrs. Jones
    [Tag:food, hunger]
  • “Smokey, you know I ain't the smartest man in the world, but, from back here it look like you're takin a shit.”
    Anthony Johnson - Ezal
  • “For most people, Friday's just the day before the weekend. But after this Friday, the neighborhood'll never be the same.”
    Ice Cube - Craig Jones
  • “Remember it, write it down, take a picture, I don't give a fuck.”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey
  • “Well, I'll tell you one thing: round here, you go to work, you go to school. First of the month, the rent is due. If you ain't got nothin' on the table, you ain't gotta worry about catchin' a dog, you gotta worry about a dog catchin' your ass!”
    John Witherspoon - Mr. Jones
    [Tag:money, rules, working]
  • “- Ezal: Aw, I'm suing y'all. Oh, I'm hurt. Oh, my neck, my back, my neck and my back. Oh! I want $150,000, but we can settle out of court right now for twenty bucks.
    - Janitor: Man, get your punk ass up. It ain't even wet over here. Damn.”

    Anthony Johnson - Ezal
  • “The weed be lettin' you know... evil lurks.”
    Chris Tucker - Smokey