“Sixteen Candles” quotes

Movie Sixteen Candles
John Hughes directed this movie in 1984
Title Sixteen Candles
Year 1984
Director John Hughes
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Samatha’s relatives forget to wish her a happy sixteenth birthday because they are too busy organizing her sister’s wedding. She has also fallen in love with the most popular guy in school, who doesn’t even care about her. The biggest loser of the group has a crush on her and, as if it wasn’t enough, her grandparents arrive with Long Duk Dong, a Chinese exchange student. However, everything is going to be alright very soon.
All actors – Molly Ringwald, Justin Henry, Michael Schoeffling, Haviland Morris, Gedde Watanabe, Anthony Michael Hall, Paul Dooley, Carlin Glynn, Blanche Baker, Edward Andrews, Billie Bird, Carole Cook
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  • “- Caroline: Who's he?
    - Jake: That's me.
    - Caroline: Who are you?
    - Jake: I'm him.
    - Caroline: Oh, okay.”

    Haviland Morris - Caroline
    Michael Schoeffling - Jake
  • “I loathe the bus. There has to be a more dignified mode of transportation.”
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha
    [Tag:dignity, hatred]
  • “- Farmer Ted: Just answer me one question.
    - Samantha: Yes, you're a total fag.
    - Farmer Ted: [laughs] That's not the question.”

    Anthony Michael Hall - Farmer Ted
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha
  • “- Mike Baker: Dad, she's got her period. Should make for an interesting honeymoon, huh?
    - Jim Baker: Where are you learning that stuff?
    - Mike Baker: School.
    - Jim Baker: Good. I get my money's worth.”

    Justin Henry - Mike Baker
    Paul Dooley - Jim Baker
  • “- Jake: Thanks for coming over.
    - Samantha: Thanks for coming to get me.
    - Jake: Happy Birthday, Samantha. Make a wish.
    - Samantha: It already came true.”

    Michael Schoeffling - Jake
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha
    [Tag:birthday, love, wishes]
  • “- Jake: I do independent study with her. I catch her lookin' at me a lot. It's kinda cool, the way she's always lookin' at me.
    - Jock: Maybe she's retarded.
    - Jake: I'm being serious, okay? She looks at me like she's in love with me.”

    Michael Schoeffling - Jake
    Steve Monarque - Jock
  • “- Brenda Baker: Don't be a smartass.
    - Mike Baker: Ok, I'll be a dumbass.”

    Carlin Glynn - Brenda Baker
    Justin Henry - Mike Baker
  • “- Farmer Ted: This information cannot leave this room. Okay? It would devastate my reputation as a dude.
    - Samantha: No problem.
    - Farmer Ted: I've never bagged a babe. I'm not a stud.
    [Samantha chuckles]”

    Anthony Michael Hall - Farmer Ted
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha
  • “I really love Rudy. He is totally enamored of me. I mean, I've had men who've loved me before, but not for six months in a row.”
    Blanche Baker - Ginny
  • “- Farmer Ted: You know, I'm getting input here that I'm reading as relatively hostile. I mean, it's...
    - Samantha: Go to hell.
    - Farmer Ted: Very hostile!”

    Anthony Michael Hall - Farmer Ted
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha
  • “What was he wearing? Well, uh, let's see, he was wearing a red argyle sweater, and tan trousers, and red shoes... Hmm? No, he's not retarded.”

    Edward Andrews - Howard
  • “Do you know how many times a week I go without lunch because some bitch borrows my lunch money? Y'know, any halfway decent girl can rob me blind, because I'm too torqued up to say no.”
    Anthony Michael Hall - Farmer Ted
    [Tag:girl, money, theft]
  • “I can't believe this. They fucking forgot my birthday.”
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha
  • “- Farmer Ted: I know I came on kinda like a poozer on the bus tonight and everything. But... that's just so my friends won't think, you know, I'm a jerk.
    - Samantha: But they're all pretty much jerks, though, aren't they?
    - Farmer Ted: Yeah, but the thing is, I'm kinda like the leader, you know? Kinda like the king of the dipshits.”

    Anthony Michael Hall - Farmer Ted
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha
  • “I want a seriousgirlfriend. Somebody I can love, that's gonna love me back. Is that psycho?”
    Michael Schoeffling - Jake
    [Tag:love, madness]
  • “- Long Duk Dong: Very clever dinner. Appetizing food fit neatly into interesting round pie.
    - Mike Baker: It's a quiche.
    - Long Duk Dong: How do you spell?
    - Fred: Well you don't spell it, son, you eat it.”

    Gedde Watanabe - Long Duk Dong
    Justin Henry - Mike Baker
    Max Showalter - Fred
    [Tag:eating, food, words]
  • “That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they'd call 'em something else.”
    Paul Dooley - Jim Baker
  • “- Brenda Baker: Can you remember to turn off the stove in twenty minutes?
    - Samantha: I can remember lots of things.”

    Carlin Glynn - Brenda Baker
    Molly Ringwald - Samantha