“The War” quotes

Movie The War
Jon Avnet directed this movie in 1994
Title The War
Year 1994
Director Jon Avnet
Genre Drama
All actors – Elijah Wood, Kevin Costner, Mare Winningham, Lexi Randall, LaToya Chisholm, Christopher Fennell, Donald Sellers, Leon Sills, Will West, Brennan Gallagher, Adam Henderson, Charlette Julius
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  • “Sometimes all it takes is a split second for you to do something you'll regret the whole rest of your life.”
    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
  • “All your dad has ever done is fault to make this world a better place for us. Yes, he struggles. Yes, he has had dirt kicked in his face. All the more reason he needs our help. Now, you don't wanna help him that's okay... you gotta follow your instincts. But, I will not listen to you knock him down. He's a part of me. You cut him down, you're...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Mare Winningham - Lois Simmons
    [Tag:caring, family, love]
  • “I think the only thing that keeps people truly safe and happy is love. I think that's where men get their courage. That's where countries get their strength. That's where God grants us our miracles. And in the absence of love, Stuart, there is nothing, nothing in this world worth fighting for.”

    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
  • “War is like a big machine that no one really knows how to run and when it gets out of control it ends up destroying the things you thought you were fighting for, and a lot of other things you kinda forgot you had.”
    Lexi Randall - Lidia Joanne Simmons
    [Tag:destruction, war]
  • “It wasn't the first time dad went away. Ever since he'd come back from Vietnam things haven't been just right. Mom held two jobs just to make ends meet. And we were still dirt poor, like everybody else in Juliette, Mississippi. But this June morning in 1970 was different. All the flowers were in bloom, and along with the color, and sweet smell...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Lexi Randall - Lidia Joanne Simmons
  • “He could've taken anyone, Charles Manson, super old people that already been around a hundred years. My daddy was only 34-years-old. I needed him more than you God, I needed him more.”

    Elijah Wood - Stu Simmons
    [Tag:father, god, loss]
  • “I saw an angel... a real one... and he was holding on to my hand... and I was going to go live in His Kingdom... but he said I must come back and take care of my daddy.”
    Christopher Fennell - Billy Lipnicki
    [Tag:angels, caring, father]
  • “- Stu Simmons: I hope you know they're the kids who just beat me up.
    - Stephen Simmons: I know who they are son.
    - Stu Simmons: Then why'd you give them Ma and Lidia's cotton candy?
    - Stephen Simmons: Because they look like that they hadn't been given anything in a long time.”

    Elijah Wood - Stu Simmons
    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
  • “- Stephen Simmons: You go after my child, you're going to push a button on me and then I'm going to lose control and kill you. Now apologize to my son.
    - Mr. Lipnicki: I apologize.
    - Stephen Simmons: That's mighty kind of you. My son has something to tell you. Apologize to Mr. Lipnicky, Stu. Tell him you're sorry for insulting him.
    - Stu Simmons...” (continue)
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    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
    Raynor Scheine - Mr. Lipnicki
    Elijah Wood - Stu Simmons
  • “- Mrs. Higgins: Think you can make anymore damn noise, with that damn car of yours?
    - Stephen: Sorry, Mrs. Higgins.
    - Mrs. Higgins: And stop trying to look through my dress, and see my nipples.”

    Mary Nell Santacroce - Mrs. Higgins
    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
  • “- Stephen Simmons: Lidia hit him in the face with a rock? I think I'm gonna have to have a talk with that girl. Is she doing anything else I should know about?
    - Stu Simmons: Well yeah. She's doing a lot of things. But I don't think you should know about them.”

    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
    Elijah Wood - Stu Simmons
  • “I learned this summer that my brother was right. My daddy is the wisest man I've ever known. And that no matter what anybody tells you, with God's help, human beings can do anything.”
    Lexi Randall - Lidia Joanne Simmons
    [Tag:ability, god, mankind]
  • “It smells like a butt down here!”

    Lucas Black - Ebb
  • “- Stephen Simmons: They found out I spent time in that mental hospital.
    - Lois Simmons: Well, did you tell them you went into that hospital voluntary for nightmares?
    - Stephen Simmons: Nothing personal, they said. Law says you can't work for the city or state within the vicinity of children if you've spent time in a mental hospital or corrective...” (continue)
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    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
    Mare Winningham - Lois Simmons
    [Tag:law, unemployment]
  • “- Stephen Simmons: I've been gone for a long time Lidia, we just giving each other other a little space right now.
    - Lidia Joanne Simmons: Well you better start crowding her, Dad! You gotta put your arms around that woman every once in a while or she's gonna think you don't like her no more! Now, I'm giving you this advice cause I can see that...” (continue)
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    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons
    Lexi Randall - Lidia Joanne Simmons
    [Tag:advice, love]
  • “- Lidia Joanne Simmons: Anyone of you bring any money?
    - Elvadine: All I got's 10 cent.”

    Lexi Randall - Lidia Joanne Simmons
    LaToya Chisholm - Elvadine
    [Tag:money, poverty]
  • “I don't want our kids growing up thinking they're powerless because of me. Everything they do in this world has a consequence. Our children still believe in miracles. They still believe anything is possible. As long as they believe like that, they're gonna be something. They're gonna make a difference in the world... that means I made a difference.”
    Kevin Costner - Stephen Simmons