“Fried Green Tomatoes” quotes

Movie Fried Green Tomatoes
Jon Avnet directed this movie in 1991
Title Fried Green Tomatoes
Year 1991
Director Jon Avnet
Genre Drama
Plot – Evelyn is a frustrated woman due to the indifference of her husband. She makes friendship with Ninny, an elder who lives at the local retirement home who tells her the story of Idgy and Ruth, occured many years before. The two friends used to run a restaurant near the railroad and their specialities were the fried green tomatoes. Idgy was a rebel and wild girl who convinced her friend Ruth to leave her violent husband. The woman in fact married against her will, only to keep her baby.
All actors – Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker, Jessica Tandy, Cicely Tyson, Chris O'Donnell, Stan Shaw, Gailard Sartain, Timothy Scott, Gary Basaraba, Lois Smith, Jo Harvey Allen, Macon McCalman, Richard Riehle, Raynor Scheine, Grace Zabriskie, Reid Binion, Afton Smith, Danny Nelson, Nancy Moore Atchison, Constance Shulman, Nick Searcy, Haynes Brooke, Ginny Parker, Tres Holton, Ronald McCall, Wallace Merck, David Dwyer, Lashondra Phillips, Kathy Larson, Missy Wolff, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Grayson Fricke, Enjolik Oree, Genevieve Fisher, Tom Even, Bob Hannah, Ted Manson, Carol Mitchell-leon, Evan Lockwood, Suzi Bass, , Paul Armbruster, Jacob Avnet, Michael Burgess, Todd Eller, Bill Ewin, Fannie Flagg, Shelby Hofer, Barry Hopkins, Teretha G. Houston, James Mayberry, Shannon McCrory, Bob Penny, Leonard Shinew, Drew Wilkins, Marion Williams
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