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Olympia Dukakis quotes
  • “- Rose Castorini: Why do men chase women?
    - Mr. Johnny Cammareri: Well, there's a Bible story... God... God took a rib from Adam and made Eve. Now maybe men chase women to get the rib back. When God took the rib, he left a big hole there, where there used to be something. And the women have that. Now maybe, just maybe, a man isn't complete as a...” (continue)
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    Olympia Dukakis - Rose Castorini
    Danny Aiello - Mr. Johnny Cammareri
    [Tag:love, men, wooing]
  • “- Mollie: You spent forty years with a man who looked good in a uniform? Ma, you had no idea if he was a mature, responsible person!
    - Rosie: If I thought like that, we wouldn't have gotten through the first week. And that was some week!”

    Kirstie Alley - Mollie
    Olympia Dukakis - Rosie
  • “- Personnel Director: Tess, Tess, Tess, Tess. You don't get ahead in this world by calling your boss a pimp.
    - Tess McGill: Well, he is.”

    Olympia Dukakis - Personnel Director
    Melanie Griffith - Tess McGill
    [Tag:boss, insult]
  • “- Cosmo Castorini: Rose. Rose. Rose! Rose!
    [She wakes up]
    - Rose Castorini: Who's dead?”

    Vincent Gardenia - Cosmo Castorini
    Olympia Dukakis - Rose Castorini
  • “You know, you would be a much more contented, pleasant person if you would find ways to occupy your time.”
    Olympia Dukakis - Clairee Belcher
  • “- Clairee Belcher: Ousier's never done a religious thing in her life.
    - Ouiser Boudreaux: Now that is not true. When I was in school, a bunch of my friends and I would dress up as nuns and go bar-hoppin'.”

    Olympia Dukakis - Clairee Belcher
    Shirley MacLaine - Ouiser Boudreaux
    [Tag:nuns, religion, youth]
  • “- Rose Castorini: But why would a man need more than one woman?
    - Mr. Johnny Cammareri: I don't know. Maybe because he fears death.”

    Olympia Dukakis - Rose Castorini
    Danny Aiello - Mr. Johnny Cammareri
    [Tag:fear, infidelity, men]