“A Christmas Story” quotes

Movie A Christmas Story
Title A Christmas Story
Year 1983
Director Bob Clark
Genre Comedy, Family
Plot – Ralphie Parker is an American nine-year-old boy. When Christmas approaches, he begins to think about the gifts he would like to receive, as all his peers do. His biggest dream is to own a Red Ryder automatic rifle, equiped of 200 shots. Both the mother and the teacher don't agree with his choice because they judge the toy too dangerous. At school and at home, Ralphie often has forbidden dreams about the rifle and he has fun with his friends and with his younger brother Randy. His mother is quite tender and supportive with her two little children, while his father, on the contrary, is a foulmouthed bungler. He has always to deal with the crumbling boiler of his house, with the crazy car and with the neighbors' dogs, that apparently get mad only with him. Christmas is around the corner and everything is getting ready in Ralphie's house: the decisive morning arrives, everyone unwraps their packages and, among the more or less appreciated or ridiculous gifts, Ralphie finally opens the surprise gift from his father just to find out that it is the long-awaited rifle. Our hero gets injured and breaks his glasses while trying it. Anyway, he manages to avoid the inevitable scolding by making up a funny story.
All actors – Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin, Peter Billingsley, Scott Schwartz, Jean Shepherd, Ian Petrella, Tedde Moore, R.D. Robb, Zack Ward, Yano Anaya, Jeff Gillen, Colin Fox
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