“City Hall” quotes

Movie City Hall
Title City Hall
Year 1996
Director Harold Becker
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – A black child accidentally dies during a shootout in New York between a cop, Eddie Santos, and a drug dealer on probation, Tino, grandson of mob boss Paul Zapatti. It is an ugly story that can damage the political scaffolding painstakingly built by Mayor John Pappas of the Democratic Party. For this reason his deputy, the young Kevin Calhoun, is struggling on one side with lawyer Marybeth Cogan, who is defending Santos' widow's rights, and on the other with Frank Anselmo, a Democratic leader. Anselmo is interested in the extension of a subway line connected to a huge commercial project that is wanted by businessmen in cahoots with Zapatti, whose involvement dates back to Tino's unusual release on probation, and Anselmo is a friend of Zapatti. Following a lead, Calhoun meets Larry Schwartz, who works in court: he reveals that he only endorsed the document, which was actually issued by Judge Walter Stern, a man above suspicion. Schwartz, who asked Anselmo in vain for protection, is killed while calling Calhoun.
All actors – Al Pacino, John Cusack, Bridget Fonda, Danny Aiello, Martin Landau, David Paymer, Anthony Franciosa, Richard Schiff, Lindsay Duncan, Nestor Serrano, Mel Winkler, Lauren Vélez, Chloe Morris, Ian Quinlan, Roberta Peters, Angel David, Larry Romano, Rob LaBelle, Ray Aranha, Jaliyl Lynn, John C. Vennema, Steve Aronson, Jerome X. O'Donovan, Mark Lonow, Murphy Guyer, John Finn, Richard Gant, Tamara Tunie, Fran Brill, Brian Murray, John Slattery, Benny Nieves, Miguel Sierra, Sylvia Kauders, Brenda Thomas, Gerry Vichi, Ernest F. Hollings, Jordan Baker, Leonard Chapman, Tony Capone, Jennifer Prescott, Joseph Kelly, Harry Bugin, Ron L. Cox, Kaity Tong, Amy Atkins, Brenda Pressley, Michael O'Looney, Carl White, Mary Murphy, Justin Ashforth, Charles Gemmill, Gina Rice, Roma Torre, Jack Cafferty, Lewis Dodley, Ed Koch, Stanley Anderson, Sally Mayes, Lucia Mendoza, Geoffrey Wade, Gloria K. Smith, James F. Gainer, Alex Ballar, Sedly Bloomfield, Michael Carrara, Nancy Duerr, Brian Ferrari, Harrison Freed, Dorinda Katz, Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas, Michael Luceri, Michael Luggio, Romano Mosca, Michelle Rouhani, Ralph A. Villani, Don Wallace
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