“Talk Radio” quotes

Movie Talk Radio
Oliver Stone directed this movie in 1988
Title Talk Radio
Year 1988
Director Oliver Stone
Genre Drama
Plot – Barry Champlain is a young Jew who conducts the program 'Voices of the Night' in a radio station. Many people phone him looking for answers and comfort and Barry can easily give advices thanks to his determination and energy. The DJ fights against any kind of abuse of power and any injustice, always defending Jews or black people and homosexuals. Despite his success, his job is stressful as he faces many events daily and only a few listeners really appreciate him. After a very busy weekend, Barry admits to care very little about the others and when he exits the radio station building, an autograph hunter kills him.
All actors – Eric Bogosian, Ellen Greene, Leslie Hope, John C. McGinley, Alec Baldwin, John Pankow, Michael Wincott, Linda Atkinson, Robert Trebor, Zach Grenier, Tony Frank, Harlan Jordan, Bill Johnson, Kevin Howard, Anna Levine, Bruno Rubeo, Pirie MacDonald, Allan Corduner, Mimi Cochran, Rockets Redglare, Angus G. Wynne III, Chip Moody, David Poynter, Peter Zapp, Carl Kissin, Park Overall, Michele Mariana, Earl Hindman, John Seitz, Kyle McClaran, Dee Pyland, Daniel Escobar, William De Acutis, Frederica Meister, Luis Barajas, Vernie Bailey, Martin Rayner, Alan Clark, Moby, John B. Wells, Leigh French, Walter Lynn, Theresa Bell
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