“Four Rooms” quotes

Movie Four Rooms
Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino directed this movie in 1995
Title Four Rooms
Year 1995
Directors Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino
Genre Comedy
Plot – This movie is made up of four episodes and the only protagonist is Ted, a waiter at Monsignor Hotel in Los Angeles. This will be a special New Year's eve for him. In "Strange Brew", Ted enters in the bridal suite with the ice bucket and is involved in a witches meeting. In "Two sides to a Plate", a jealous husband is going to shoot his wife, accusing her of cheating him with Ted. In "The Misbehavers", Ted has to go baby-sitting two vandals of six and nine-years-old who destroy a hotel room. In "The Thrill of the Bet", Ted has to serve in a room an ice bucket, a hatchet, a cutting board, twine and three nails due to a strange bet.
All actors – Sammi Davis, Amanda De Cadenet, Valeria Golino, Madonna, Ione Skye, Lili Taylor, Alicia Witt, Jennifer Beals, David Proval, Antonio Banderas, Lana McKissack, Patricia Vonne, Tamlyn Tomita, Danny Verduzco, Salma Hayek, Paul Calderon, Quentin Tarantino, Lawrence Bender, Kathy Griffin, Quinn Thomas Hellerman, Marc Lawrence, Unruly Julie McClean, Laura Rush, Paul Skemp, Marisa Tomei, Tim Roth, Kimberly Blair, Monica Lee Steen, Russell Vossler, Bruce Willis
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  • “The less a man makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect.”

    Quentin Tarantino - Chester (segment "The Man from Hollywood")
  • - Sarah (segment "The Misbehavers"): Get your ass up here and call the police, because there's a dead body in my bed, and it smells like shit, and it looks even worse. And if you don't help us, my dad is going to lay you down right next to her, I swear to fucking God!
    - Ted the Bellhop: I am coming up there right this minute! And if there isn't... (continue)
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    Lana McKissack - Sarah (segment "The Misbehavers")
    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
    [Tag:body, death, murder]
  • “- Ted the Bellhop: This New Year's Eve is not starting off well! This one is going pretty fucking badly!
    - Margaret: How come?
    - Ted the Bellhop: Well, Betty leaves me to run this entire hotel by myself. And first thing, right off the bat, I get fucked by a coven of witches!”

    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
    Marisa Tomei - Margaret
  • “Unfortunately, you don't have the balls to back up the actions of your huge cock.”

    Jennifer Beals - Angela (segments "The Wrong Man", "The Man from Hollywood")
  • “How can I stop talking about something that's so huge?”

    Jennifer Beals - Angela (segments "The Wrong Man", "The Man from Hollywood")
  • - Leo (segment "The Man from Hollywood"): Fuckin' shit, man! Man, what the fuck is wrong with this fuckin' bitch, man? I'm gonna take the fuckin' car, I'm gonna drive up to fuckin' Mulholland, I am gonna fuckin' drag her fuckin' ass and throw it down Benedict fuckin' Canyon, man!
    - Norman (segment "The Man from Hollywood"): You still married,... (continue)
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    Bruce Willis - Leo (segment "The Man from Hollywood")
    Paul Calderon - Norman (segment "The Man from Hollywood")
  • “- Margaret: Ted, was she an old hag with a mole on her face with hair growing out of it?
    - Ted the Bellhop: No, no, no, she was very beautiful.
    - Margaret: Ted... what's the problem?
    - Ted the Bellhop: Well... admittedly, that was the best part of the evening. It was pretty bloody good, actually... but it's still a pretty unnerving way to start...” (continue)
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    Marisa Tomei - Margaret
    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
    [Tag:beauty, night]
  • “Ted, pay attention here. I'm going to make two piles on the bar. One pile which is yours. And another pile which could be yours. And what you have to realize is we're gonna do this thing one way... or the other. Whether it's you who holds the axe or a Mexican maid or some bum we yank off the street.”

    Quentin Tarantino - Chester (segment "The Man from Hollywood")
  • “- Ted the Bellhop: I'm by myself, and looking after your kids is a pain in the ass I don't need.
    - Man: Are you calling my kids a pain in the ass?
    - Ted the Bellhop: Why, no, sir, not the kids. It's the situation that is a pain in the ass.
    - Man: No, you were right the first time. They're a pain in the ass. All right. You win, tough guy. Five...” (continue)
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    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
    Antonio Banderas - Man (segment "The Misbehavers")
  • “Your dad says he doesn't trust babysitters. Well, can't say I blame him. I had a babysitter myself once.”
    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
  • “Police! It's an emergency! Police get someone over here right fucking now. There is a dead fuckin' whore!”
    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
  • “- Ted the Bellhop: Later, in another room, some crazy fucking maniac sticks a gun in my face and forces me to play out some psychosexual drama with his wife.
    - Margaret: He made you have psycho sex with his wife?
    - Ted the Bellhop: No, he didn't make me fuck his wife, he thought I'd fucked his wife! He held me at gunpoint with a loaded gun!”

    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
    Marisa Tomei - Margaret
  • “Ted, a person's life is filled with a zillion little experiences. Some which are insignificant, have no meaning, and, you know, you forget them. Others which you remember for the rest of your natural life. Now, since what we're proposing here is so unusual, so outside the norm, this is a good bet that is going to be one of those incidents that...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Quentin Tarantino - Chester (segment "The Man from Hollywood")
    [Tag:choice, life, meaning]
  • “Okay, these are the rules. Don't break the rules, and I won't break your necks.”

    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop
    [Tag:rules, threat]
  • “Most recently, there's room 309, there's this scary Mexican gangster dude poking his finger in my chest. There's his hooligan kids snapping their fingers at me. There's a putrid, rotting corpse of a dead whore stuck in the springs of the bed. There's rooms blazing afire. There's a big fat needle from God knows where, stuck in my leg, infecting...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Tim Roth - Ted the Bellhop