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Movie Gifted
Marc Webb directed this movie in 2017
Title Gifted
Year 2017
Director Marc Webb
Genre Drama
Plot – The story of "Gifted" starts in a small town near Tampa, FL, where the young Mary Adler is raised by her uncle, Frank, who took care of his sister's daughter after her death. When Mary is 7 years old, she shows an incredible ability with numbers and math, and even if she's still very young, she's able to solve complex and advanced equations by herself, arousing the curiosity of the teachers and of the school principal. Her grandmother Evelyn wants her grand-daughter to receive a better education in Massachusetts, in an academic environment and with a team of specialists. Frank, though, who is trying to respect the promise he made to Mary's mom before she died, that her daughter would live a happy childhood in a public school, almost loses the foster care.
All actors – Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Octavia Spencer, Jenny Slate, Michael Kendall Kaplan, John M. Jackson, Glenn Plummer, John Finn, Elizabeth Marvel, Candace B. Harris, Jon Sklaroff, Jona Xiao, Julie Ann Emery, Keir O'Donnell, Crystal Freyermuth, Maia Moss-Fife, Brody Rose, Joe Chrest, Ashley L. Thomas, Danielle Deadwyler, Jack Landry, Karleigh Chase, Will Buie Jr., Desmond Phillips, Teresa L. Graves, Gordon Danniels, Walt Edler, Jordan Ellenberg, Miley Nyguen, Aidan McKenna Bateman, Jaylyn Hawkins, Riley Harvey, David Cordell, , Kelly Collins Lintz, Jeremy Ambler, Patrick Appolonia, Samantha Bell, Dylan Bethany, Maiya Boyd, Glenn D. Bridges, Julian Brittano, Tommy Brown, Marquice Cannady, Brian Clackley, Eva Coleman, Kelly Copeland, Darion Costley, Jimmie Cummings, Rayshaun Deese, Lucas DeWindt, Rich Lane Disco, Merrik Foune, Devan Gerlach, Emelita T. Gonzalez, Mia Sinclair Jenness, Jonathan Kankolenski, David Karczewski, Scott Christopher Kelly, Douglas LaPonzina, Alona Leoine, Woods Lovett, Alyssa AnnMarie Marquez, Sage Mayer, Carissa Mejias, Cameron Mills, Tyrone Neal, Daniel Nickels, Thomas Parrish IV, Bobby Pizer, Issac Ruff, Raegan-Alexis Santucci, Alicia Sessions, Mark Ezra Stokes, Brianna Veres, Sophia Veres, Claire Weinstein, Trina Whitaker, Frank R. Wilson, AnnaLily Wynn, Steve Zema
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